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14/06/2016, 17:00

15 years of friendship

One man and his dog have captivated the internet with a series of photographs that were taken over a period of 15 years.

Gordon Delacroix, 30, from Brussels and Birdy the dog have been together since Gordon was a teenager when they first took a photo of the two of them.

Unfortunately, Birdy's days are drawing to a close after being diagnosed with cancer, so Gordon took it upon himself to recreate the original photo that he took in 2001, in the exact same spot whilst wearing the same outfit. 

 Furever friend: Gordon Delacroix from Brussels, Belgium recreated the the same photograph from the time Birdy the dog was a puppy, up until the present day. Gordon is pictured at the age of 15 with Birdy just a pup

My how you've grown: A decade later, Gordon was 25 and Birdy was much bigger than the first time around

The sweater still fits, and Birdy still has a smile on his face, but Gordon is away there may not be much time left

Gordon, who is the lead singer of a band called The Recorders, posted the touching photographs to Reddit.

The pictures see him recreating the exact same pose in front of his grandmother's house in Belgium at the age of 15, 25 and 30.

'Five years ago I was just going through old pictures and stumbled upon that one, I checked in my wardrobe and (embarrassingly) the same sweater was still just sitting there so I thought why not redo the picture?' Gordon told ABC News. 

'The one I took yesterday was mostly because I thought people might enjoy it or find it interesting; it's also a great memory to have of my best pal!'

Dog days: Birdy and Gordon grew up together in the countryside of Belgium, and even after he left for college, he came home every weekend to visit his dog

Walkies! As soon as he was done with school, Gordon took Birdy to live with him in the capital, Brussels

Musical mutt: The dog who is now 15 years old has played a huge role in Gordon's life, and even starred in one of his band's music videos

Canine companions: Gordon says that Birdy has been part of his life for as long as he can remember and it will be hard when the day finally comes that he is without him

Since uploading the photos online, they have been viewed more than 2.3 million times.   

The details of the pictures are virtually identical, apart Gordon and Birdy looking slightly older, bigger and grayer! 

Even the sweater that Gordon wore as a fifteen year old, when he held his dog like a baby, to the exact spot at his grandmother's house, despite two new tenants living there after her death, are the same.

'He is definitely my best friend,' Gordon said. 'He's a part of me at this point. He could easily be great for another six months, but it's also possible that he'll get very sick again soon and this time for the last time,' he said. 

'It breaks my heart just to think about it, but we've had so many great years and adventures together. I'm grateful he was part of my life.'

Birdy is getting older now, and his family fears that his life may be nearing the end, as he was recently diagnosed with cancer

Gordon loves Birdy very much, and will continue to celebrate his long life until his very last day

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