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16/06/2016, 17:00

75 baby sharks were saved from dead mother's womb

Incredible moment dozens of unborn baby sharks are saved by Taiwanese fishermen after they freed them from their dead mothers

Taiwanese fishermen have saved 68 unborn baby sharks by removing them from the wombs of their mother sharks.

The two pregnant tiger sharks had died after becoming trapped in fishing nets in Changbin Township on June 13 and June 14, reports Huanqiu.

The young sharks were sent to the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center where they are being measured and kept under observation. 

Saddening: The fishermen in Changbin, Taiwan, found the two female sharks over the course of two days

Heroic: They rescued the pups from their mothers' wombs and took them to a marine centre

Inspirational: Sadly seven pups from the second mother died however the remaining survived

A total of 75 pups were removed by the quick thinking fishermen over the course of two days.

According to reports, the first female tiger shark was found trapped in fishing nets off the coast of Changbin Township on Monday. 

The shark weighed 1,102 pounds and fishermen soon realised that the female was expecting pups. 

They quickly opened up the mother's womb and rescued 38 pups which were later taken to the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center and are currently being kept in large pools. 

While just a day later, a second pregnant tiger shark weighing 440 pounds was found caught up in fishing nets. 

Fishermen managed to free all 37 pups.

Freeing the babies from the mother's womb: The quick thinking men freed the animals from the tiger shark

Good news: According to an employee of the marine centre, the baby sharks are doing well and are eating

Healthy sharks: The animals have been kept in pools and are said to be doing well, eating squid and prawns

They were also taken to the research centre. 

However this time the pups had not reached full-term and seven out of the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center. 

Ho Yuan-shin from the centre said to local reporters that seven pups from the second batch did not survive because unlike the first batch, they were not full-term. 

He said the baby sharks from the first batch were able to swim in a pool and eat squid and prawns. 

He also stated that it is the current birthing season for the animals which means they swim closer to the shore, putting them at risk. 

Baby tiger sharks are around three feet in length at birth and are completely independent from the second they leave their mother.  

Trapped in nets: According to an expert, the animals come closer to the sure during the birthing season

Heroic men: The fishermen help to rescue the baby sharks from their dead mother

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