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07/10/2016, 10:00

Adorable dogs that need to remind you why Black Dog Day is important

Black dogs are less likely to be adopted than any other colour. 

Did you know that black dogs and cats are less likely to be adopted than dogs and cats with any other colour fur?

The trend is called Black Dog (and cat) Syndrome, and it sucks.

Basically, a lot of people don’t want black cats and dogs because they consider them bad luck, or believe stereotypes about the behaviour of these animals.

Black pets also find it trickier to get noticed, as they often fade into the background at shelters, and they don’t photograph as well as pets with other fur colours.

It’s really sad, because there are loads of lovely black animals who can’t get homes – simply because of the colour of their fur.

To draw attention to this trend – and to remind people how adorable black dogs can be – every October 1st is National Black Dog Day (don’t worry, there’s a Black Cat Day too. It’s on August 17).

So, to celebrate Black Dog Day, here are some lovely black dogs. Enjoy.

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