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04/06/2016, 12:00

Adorable photos of a newborn baby panda

Meet China's new addition, a one day old panda cub. 

The adorable baby panda was born at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province earlier today. 

Pictures of the newborn which weighs 145 grams (5oz) show the cub with its mother and also being cared for in an incubator by staff at the centre. 

Welcome to the world: Mother Giant Panda Ai Bang is seen pictured with her newborn cub at the base in Chengdu

Hello little one! The newborn cub is seen inside an incubator at Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding Centre in south west Sichuan province

The new arrival which was born at 6.06am has not yet been named. 

A live stream of Ai Bang, the mother giving birth which included pictures and video streams received more than 620,000 page views.

The adorable images released today show the baby being cared for by staff at the centre in Chengdu as well as the cub with his mother.  

This isn't the first time Ai Bang has received media attention. 

In 2014, the panda had shown signs of pregnancy and then it was discovered that she had been faking it in order to get a better enclosure along with more fruit and bamboo.  

Ai Bang was born in Japan in December 2006. 

When a panda cub is first born it is pink, blind and toothless, weighing only 90 to 130 grams - a mere one eight-hundredth of its mother's weight.

A month after birth, the colour pattern of the cub's fur is fully developed.

At around 70 to 80 days it will begin to crawl and play with its mother or, in these conditions, with other pandas.

Giant panda cubs are extremely rare as female pandas are only in estrus - that is, ready to accept a male and mate - for around two to three days a year.

More problems occur when pandas are in captivity, as male pandas have been known to lose their sex drive, forcing scientists to try extreme methods including artificial insemination, giving male pandas Viagra and showing them videos of other pandas mating.

Once a female is pregnant, the gestation period for a baby panda lasts around 95 to 160 days.

Chinese panda Ai Bang welcomes adorable baby into the world

The first of 2016: Chinese media claims the unnamed baby cub is the first to be born this year in the entire world

No name yet for this baby: The unnamed new arrival arrived at 6.06am this morning with the birth streamed live


  • It's estimated that there are around 1,600 Giant Pandas in the wild. There are 300 in zoos and breeding centres around the world. 
  • It's unsure how long Giant Pandas live in the wild. However Chinese scientists reported zoo pandas as old as 35. 
  • A wild panda's diet is 99 percent bamboo while the remaining one percent is usually small rodents. 
  • Giant Pandas need to consume around 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo each day to get the nutrients they need. 
  • On all four legs, Giant Pandas stand at around three to four feet tall. 
  • Cubs do not open their eyes until they are six to eight weeks of age and are not mobile until three months.

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