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25/06/2016, 12:00

Angry snake strikes at woman

This is the shocking moment a snake reared up to a woman in a garden when she tried to touch it.

Filmed in Alabama, the snake launched its attack after the woman and her camera phone came too close for comfort.

The clip begins by showing the reptile, believed to be a rat snake, slithering through the grass, minding its own business.

'Wow you're mean!': Moment snake jumps to attack woman

The woman is not happy taking footage from afar, so she decides to get up close and personal to the reptile

This is the moment the snake springs towards the woman, open-mouthed, after she got too close for comfort

The woman drops the camera to the floor and lets out a scream, claiming the snake bit the device

'Hey Mr Snake,' says the woman filming it. 'You're a long boy, that's the snake skin we saw, it was yours.'

She continues to get closer to the animal. 

'I'm gonna touch you on the tail and see what you do,' she says.

It's at this point that the snake coils up in defence.

'Oh you're mean, you're a bad snake,' she continues.

In a flash, the snake strikes towards the woman causing her to scream and drop the phone.

'He bit it, the phone,' she shrieks.

'Boy, that's gonna be a good one,' she says, in relation to the video content she has managed to collect.Unbelievably, the woman goes back in to record more footage of the snake, which has now adopted a terrifying coil defence position

Unperturbed by the close call, the woman then goes back to the snake to record more footage. The reptile is coiled up, looking ready to strike again, before the clip, that has been shared on YouTube, ends.

Commenting on Reddit, where the video was also shared, the reptile was identified as a rat snake by user pinkdemoness24, who writes: 'Sometimes they can be pretty chill and let you pick them up, sometimes they freak out like this. 

'They're super common and not at all dangerous.' 

Live Science states that rat snakes 'are medium-to-large, nonvenomous snakes that kill by constriction'. 

The clip began in innocent fashion by showing a huge snake slithering through the grass at a garden in Alabama

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