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11/10/2016, 21:00

Call me later! Cheeky fox runs off with fisherman's phone after joining him for a snack

This is the moment a cheeky fox turned his nose up at a meaty offering, opting instead for the phone a fisherman was using to record him on.

Billy Petty, 20 from Walsall, West Midlands, was not expecting to have to chase after a fox cross country when he set up for a night's fishing.

The 20-year-old said: 'We were doing a bit of fishing and it went quiet, then this little cheeky fox came out the bush so I offered him some bread.

The fox has a sniff around a pile of dog biscuits that had been laid down for it after it appeared from a bush

'Then my mate got some dog biscuits and we made a pile of them, then all of a sudden he took a couple and I thought no way - I've got to start filming this.

'He kept taking a couple and going back.

'But then he decided to leave the biscuits and obviously thought my phone was a better option.

However, instead of going for the snacks it seems he only has eyes for the film that Mr Petty was filming it on

The foxes mouth can me seen locking around the device before clamping down and running away

A frantic chase ensued and fortunately, he managed to retrieve his phone, which had survived its journey in the fox's jaws. 

'I had to make a run for it across a field to catch him, he went through these trees and brambles.

'Then I had to try and find my phone near the motorway when luckily enough I saw a lit up patch in the grass.

'I'm gutted it stopped recording half way through the chase but just pleased to have it back.'

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