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23/09/2016, 08:04

Catnip Festival 2016: The first ever cat-themed festival comes to London this November

London is about to enjoy its first ever festival that is focussed solely around videos of cats.

Complete with a “cat gymnasium” and a show reel of the best cat videos, Catnip Festival is coming to the city this winter.

It will have cabaret, DJ sets, and games; all centred around the internet’s favourite pet and all in the name of bringing people “joy”.

Catnip is run by creative company Third Mind Productions which specialises in quirky events.

It aims to keep London’s nightlife accessible, diverse and fun in the face of it being “swept under the rug of big money, developers, and city councillors who can’t stand the thought of their children going out and having fun”.

James Elphick, Creative director, said the idea for the festival came about after his friend moved abroad and they started communicating by sending each other cat videos. 

He explained: “We soon discovered we both had a passion for cat videos, and before long it seemed that each of us had a repertoire of videos to describe every situation. 

“It became like currency, and we thought it was time we spread the wealth.

“We would like people to have an evening of indulgence in a simple, clean, vice that has no ill effects. 

“It’s silly and fun and long overdue at a time when many are letting the world get them down. 

“It was clearly time for something like this to happen.”

Of all the animals to choose, James told the Standard they decided on cats because they are “manipulative, callous and completely self-serving” making them “absolutely hilarious”.

He said:  “We all know that’s a front for their plans of world domination.”

But, although the evening is celebrating the furry friends, James made it clear that cats are not advised to attend.

“As much as we would love to have cats at the event, a venue with hundreds of people, bright flashing lights, loud music and dazzling projections is the last place that our furry friends should find themselves on a Friday night,” he said.

The festival is being held at the Coronet theatre in Elephant and Castle.

For £16.95 you get a standard ticket but for those who are real cat fanatics there is the VIP (Very Important Pussy) option available – which gets you table service and free drinks for £500.

Third Mind Productions has also promised to donate 15 per cent of all profits to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

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