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15/09/2016, 10:00

Cute or cruel? Dog has 'Louis Vuitton' style shave into fur

'Is this dog made by Louis Vuitton?' Pet owner sends internet into frenzy after shaving chequered pattern into his pooch's fur

A pet dog in Taiwan has sent the internet into a frenzy for its chequered coat

Three pictures of the dog and a video were posted to Taiwanese Facebook group, 'Baoliao Commune'.

They were first uploaded by a user named 'Tsunami Hung Yen' and were then re-shared by the group's editor to its fan page.

The post said that the dog belong to a middle-aged man who runs a breakfast stall.

Part of the post read: 'He should shave his dog like this. [He is] seriously skillful and is a master.'

The post also claimed the dog's coat had not been dyed and its fur remained its original colour.

Facebook users were quick to point out that the dog's new coat resembles a classic pattern used by French brand Louis Vuitton on its luxury products.

One user, named 'He Yijie', wrote under the post: 'Is this dog made by Louis Vuitton?'

While 'Lan Whiney' said: 'This is the LV in the dog's world.'

User 'Chen Mimi' commented: 'What an expensive dog!' 

A moderator from 'Baoliao Commune' joked: '[The dog is] a limited edition. Not for sale.'

Look-alikes? People said the pattern looks similar to the iconic design from Louis Vuitton 

People have also suggested the fur looked like a chess board, Scottish tartan and floor tiles

Other people praised the owner's trimming skills. One such user, 'Wu Xiaoya', said: 'The owner should open a store to trim fur for pets.' 

Besides the Louis Vuitton pattern, people have also suggested that the dog's fur looks like a chess board, Scottish tartan and floor tiles.

However, some users have voiced their concerns.

User 'Li Dayi' commented: 'Have you thought about the dog's feelings? No, you only thought about yourself.'

'He Yiying' posted: 'Would the owner accept it if he were shaved like this?' 

Animal rights group PETA told MailOnline that they oppose to the idea of shaving patterns into a dog's fur.

The group's UK director Elisa Allen said: 'Itmay seem harmless, but it says that human vanity has been allowed to reduce an intelligent living being to a plaything and object of fun and folly. '

Ms Allen also said that dogs are often nervous about being groomed and would likely find it uncomfortable to stand still for the time it would take to create a design like this.

She added: 'Not to mention that if this poor dog did flinch or wriggle, he or she could have been painfully gashed by the clippers.'

Different bizarre pet grooming trends have been observed in Asia. Last year, many dog owners in Japan and Taiwan shaved their dogs into cubes.

While in China, owners have been spotted dyeing their pet dogs to look like other wild animals, such as pandas and tigers.

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