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06/09/2016, 12:50

Dog rescued after spending 9 days trapped under rubble

The earthquake that recently struck Italy, killed nearly 300 people and injured many. Amidst all this, a dog was rescued after he spent nine days, pinned down under the rubble.
An earthquake rocked Italy last week killing more than 300 people and injuring many others.

Amidst all the search and rescue operations to find and save as many lives as possible, the firefighters found a dog who was trapped under the rubble for nine straight days.


According to local Latin newspaper Latina Quotidiano, the owners of the dog did not lose hope that their pup was still alive and breathing. They called out his name repeatedly, expecting him to come out of the rubble, and so he did.

While the owners were trying to retrieve their essential belongings from their damaged house in the town of Villa San Lorenza a Flavione, and just like a magic trick, they heard their Golden Retriever barking, and they found out that their pup Romeo was still alive and breathing.

Firefighters immediately began to dig and successfully managed to rescue the dog.

After he was taken out, Romeo appeared to be a little bewildered but after sniffing his familiar surroundings, he started wagging his tail and rapidly moved around the place.

Latina Quotidiano called the dog's rescue a sign of hope for those who lost everything in the earthquake.

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