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25/09/2016, 10:09

Dog stabs its owner in the arm with a knife

Celinda Haynes had to go to A&E after dog Mia slashed her arm

A WOMAN has told of the bizarre moment she was forced to go to hospital… after she was stabbed by her own pet DOG.

Celinda Haynes, from Hudson, Colorado, is the owner of Mia, a one-and-a-half-year-old Chesapeake retriever – who has a tendency to climb on counters.

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Woman has to visit A&E after suffering a stab wound... caused by her DOG 

Mia is known for her penchant for kitchen counters

Owner Celinda usually keeps the work tops clear - but this time she accidentally left out a small knife

Mia gashed her arm while plunging for treats Celinda had hoped would make her drop the weapon

But last Wednesday, after clambering onto the work top the rowdy pup managed to get her paws on a small knife - which she wasn't keen to let drop out of her mouth, Denver 7 reported.

In an attempt to get her to put down the knife, Celinda placed treats on the ground - only for the pooch to reach over her arm, stabbing Celinda as she plunged for the treats.

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The wound, which was approximately four inches long, required stitches - but staff at Platte Valley Medical Center were not willing to believe Celinda's extraordinary tale, and police were sent to the family home, which "looked like a blood bath", to investigate a possible domestic violence case.

Fortunately, Celinda' husband had been out renewing his driving licence when the drama  unfolded - leaving Mia as the only suspect.

Hospital staff did not initially believe the bizarre tale, and started a domestic violence investigation

Luckily her husband had a sufficient alibi, and the dog was the only suspect

Celinda told Denver 7: "[Mia] gets on the counter with her long legs, or the table, she just grabs whatever... water bottles, whatever there is available to grab.

She added: "I've got to put my knives up higher."

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