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21/08/2016, 13:36

Dogs can now visit their very own fancy art exhibition

Calling all cultural canines: finally, all dogs will have their day in a fancy art exhibition, created just for them.

We’re talking paintings of chicken drumsticks (in colours to fit the yellow-blue spectrum of dogs’ eyes, of course), forests, letters falling through a postbox, and a dog’s movements on a walk through the park.

There’s more immersive stuff too.

Dogs can enjoy use of a giant ball pit designed to look like a bowl of dog food, a series of dancing water jets, and a car window simulator, that recreates the sensation of sticking your head out of a car window and feeling the wind rushing by.

There’s also a TV showing a video of a Frisbee being thrown in the park, which we reckon could keep dogs entertained for hours.

All the artworks were created with consultation from vet Robert White-Adams, to ensure that every piece is a form of mental and physical stimuli that dogs will truly enjoy.

The exhibition was created as part of the campaign, which is all about encouraging people to spend more time playing with their pets. Nice.



Oh, and to be clear, the exhibition is entirely open to both dogs and humans.

If you and your dog fancy paying a visit, make sure you reserve a space (don’t worry, it’s free), through the exhibition’s website. There will be a limited number of walk-in sessions available.

It’s open for two days only, mind you, so you’ll need to drop any other weekend plans.

The Exhibition is located on Tanner Street in London, and is open on Friday August 19 (11am-5pm) and Saturday August 20 (9am-4pm).

Run, don’t walk.

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