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19/06/2016, 09:00

Farmer demonstrates how to straighten a pig's tail

A farmer demonstrated a very bizarre trick he picked up during his career working with pigs - how to temporarily straighten the animal's curly tail.

The humorous clip was captured on Vale Head farm in Stourbridge, Dudley, and shows the bottom half of the man named Graham standing alongside a pig eating from a trough.

Graham acts as the presenter for the piece and explains that he is going to demonstrate how to straighten the tail before pointing it out on the animal

As it should be: The farmer named Graham points out the animal's tail, which is naturally curly

The 'magic finger': The man places his hand on the back of the pig and applies a small amount of pressure

He says: 'This is the pig's tail. Notice how it curls in a curly fashion,' before introducing his 'magic finger' for the trick.

He then begins the demonstration by placing his finger on the pig's back and applying a small amount of pressure before moving downwards towards the tail.

As he reaches halfway the tail suddenly straightens out completely to the sound of a woman, who watches the demonstration, laughing in hysterics.

Graham says: 'Notice how the tail is straight. It is a straight tail. That is the end of the workshop.'

The video maker then adds: 'Wait for the re-curl,' prompting Graham to return to the back of the pig and watch for the tail to return to its original position.

Demonstration: The farmer is then seen moving his finger downwards along the pig's back towards its tail

Bizarre: As the man reaches halfway down the pig's back its curly tail suddenly straightens out

The presenter then points at the tail saying: 'Notice how it is re-curling,' as it slowly but surely goes back to how it looked at the very start of the video.

The clip was actually captured in 2012 but recently went viral when it was shared on Reddit.

Commenting on the video, which has been viewed more than 150,000 times, one YouTube user said: 'I learned more from this than the three years of biology class.'

While another, who also claims to have learnt something, added: 'This was actually an informational video... I was disappointed that it wasn't a joke.'

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