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02/10/2016, 13:00

How a really fat cat in N.H. became Internet famous

Logan, a 31-pound cat, has been winning over guests and recently Internet viewers. 

Susan Brunvand had no idea why a stranger would call to admonish her for overfeeding her cat, and then she checked the Internet. 

Susan, who runs the Best Western Silver Fox Inn at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire with her husband, Tor, owns a large cat — well, a huge cat — named Logan. Unbeknownst to the couple, their paunchy, 31-pound cat had become an Internet superstar.

Some guests of the inn recently filmed Logan waddling along and attempting to roll around in the driveway of the Best Western and posted it to their Facebook page. The video quickly garnered 29 million views and was shared 372,000 times. Those guests have since removed the video from the Facebook page, but it can still be viewed on YouTube. Logan has also become the subject of stories that have appeared in newspapers and websites across Europe. 

“He’s not overfed or mistreated,” Susan Brunvand said. “He just got the short straw on metabolism. He’s healthy and happy. He goes to the vet regularly.” 

When he was adopted from a shelter six years ago, Logan was a normal-size spry cat. But Brunvand said shortly after Logan came to the Best Western, she took in two other kittens, and that’s when Logan began ballooning into a Rubenesque tabby. 

Susan Brunvand holds Logan, her 31-pound cat, at the Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley, N.H.

“Apparently if you have multiple cats, one of them has a tendency to become a food hoarder,” she said diplomatically of Logan’s appetite. “But he doesn’t eat as much as people think he does. He doesn’t eat people food. He only gets kitty kibble.” 

Even when Logan once became ill for nearly a month, he lost only a pound, she said ruefully. But he can do anything a normal-size cat can do, despite the fact that he is twice the size of a normal cat. 

Perhaps more importantly, guests love the friendly, tubby cat. 

“He loves the attention, and he gets plenty from the guests,” she said. “The other two cats don’t get nearly as much as Logan. 

She insists there is little more she can do — or should do — to help the cat she likes to call her “little chubby boy, my little bear” shed the weight. Kitty gastric bypass and Feline Weight Watchers are not options. 

Despite his international fame, the Brunvands have no plans to turn Logan into the next Grumpy Cat. She said she has not seen a spike in reservations since her video and pictures of her chubby boy went viral. 

“I can’t imagine that anyone would book a room because of a cat,” she said. “But I guess I’m just practical.”

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