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04/10/2016, 17:00

Istanbul’s favourite cat has been honoured with a bronze statue in his special lounging spot

We can’t think of many beings more deserving of a bronze statue in their honour than Tombili the cat.

Tombili was an icon. He was a chubby cat who loved to lounge on the pavement and take in the world around him.

He became internet famous after photos of his super chilled position were shared on 9GAG, Reddit, and everywhere else online.

But Tombili didn’t let it get to his head. He continued to stay grounded. He continued to relax with one leg up on the curb, watching people go by.

Sadly, Tombili passed away in August.

But the inspirational cat will live on forever in our hearts and memories, as locals in Istanbul banded together to create a bronze statue in his honour.

The statue sits in Tombili’s favourite spot on the curb in his favourite super chilled position. 

Hopefully the statue will remind passersby to stop, lounge, and take in the world around them.

It’s also become the perfect place for cats and people to pay their respects.

Thanks for everything, Tombili. We’ll never forget you.

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