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01/09/2016, 21:00

Lonely old man leaves life savings to pet dog

Lonely old man leaves life savings to pet dog Wang Junwu and his pet dog Erfu.

A 71-year-old man living alone in Northeast China's Harbin recently contacted a local animal shelter, hoping to leave his life savings to his dog, the local Life Daily reported.

Wang Junwu, who lives in Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province, contacted the animal shelter on Wednesday, saying that he had written a will and was willing to donate to the latter his life savings worth 80,000 yuan (US$ 12,062).

He hoped that the money could be used as an old-age pension for his pet dog Erfu. "I've felt sick recently. My dog is my only concern," he said.

The dog is the 71-year-old man's only family member; he lost his only son in a car accident when the child was only six and lost his wife years later due to illness. He took the dog home when it was only a puppy. For the past decade, it has been his only company.

The dog is very loyal to Wang. It won't let anyone else touch it and is always at the old man's side, said a charity worker who visits the old man often. Wang treats the dog like his son.

He saves money to buy meat for it. In the smoldering summer, he lets the dog sit in front of an electric fan. Wang lost the dog once last year, but managed to find it six days later with the help of his neighbors. "I haven't left it alone since. I have no one else at home.

I would rather die than lose him again," he said. Now that he is in his seventies and has suffered several heart attacks and strokes, he is desperate to ensure that the dog can live a comfortable life after he dies. The manager of the animal shelter has agreed to take care of the dog, but refused to take the old man's money.

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