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27/09/2016, 13:00

Lynchburg unveils state’s first Regional Pet Disaster Relief Trailer

On Monday, Lynchburg city leaders and the American Kennel Club unveiled the state’s first Regional Pet Disaster Relief Trailer.

The trailer will be able to help pet owners make emergency plans for their pets when disaster strikes.

The kennel on wheels can hold more than 65 animals and will provide free room and board and meals. The trailer is also fully stocked with a generator, cleaning supplies, microchips, leashes and collars.

It’s meant to create a comfortable stay for the animals and ease the stress of pet owners.

“One of the problems with human shelters is that if people can’t bring their pets and have a place to put their pets, they won’t be as likely to come to that shelter,” said Todd Jones, chief of Lynchburg Animal Control. “So, they might stay at home which might be unsafe.”

The city’s police department and community groups raised more than $18,000 to go toward the $22,000 trailer.

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