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11/07/2016, 11:07

Madrid seeks ban on displaying live pets in store windows

A bill up for debate next month proposes acquiring animals through catalogues or the internet

The Madrid regional assembly will soon debate an animal protection bill that seeks to ban the display of live animals inside pet shops, among other initiatives.

If passed, stores will no longer be allowed to showcase kittens and puppies in their windows as a way to lure in customers.

This particular amendment to the larger bill, due to be debated on July 14, was introduced by Ciudadanos with support from Podemos and the Socialist Party (PSOE) and opposition from the Popular Party (PP).

Another controversial item in the animal protection bill is the ban on live pigeon shooting

Ciudadanos says that prospective customers should purchase their pets through catalogues, on the internet or through other means that do not involve displaying live animals at pet shops.

But the bill does not specify which animal species the ban would affect. Ciudadanos claims it encompasses all animals likely to be sold as pets, even birds, hamsters and fish. But the Socialist assembly member Rafael Gómez said it should be limited to dogs, cats and ferrets, “which are the animals that the law alludes to, and that’s why we supported this amendment.”

Alejandro Sánchez of Podemos shares the Socialists’ view, although he also adds that the way the bill stands now, “it means a complete ban.”

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