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16/09/2016, 13:00

Marc Jacobs’ dog will be the subject of a coffee-table book

There is no canine more stylish than Neville Jacobs. His fashionable status doesn’t come from wearing knit sweaters or shoes on each of his paws, but rather, by association. His owner is Marc Jacobs.

The lucky bull terrier, who is undoubtedly a mascot for the designer brand, gets to hang out on set with Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss, attend fittings with Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and hop on a private jet to vacation on tropical island. He also does normal dog activities, like going for a walk with his canine BFF Choo Choo Charlie the French bulldog. We all know this because Neville is a constant presence on Instagram, where he documents his day-to-day for his loyal 189 thousand Instagram.

Now, Rizzoli is releasing a book about Neville’s enviable life, proving that fashion’s favorite canine has solidified his icon status. Due to drop this September, the tome titled Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog will chronicle his life, “from puppyhood to today.” It was written by Jacobs and Nicolas Newbold, a photographer who also holds the important title as Neville’s studio manager.

“[This is] a thank-you note and love letter to my beautiful Neville, who with every glance from those expressive little triangular eyes, every humanlike cuddly embrace, every spontaneous outburst of clownish silliness that makes me smile and laugh, calms me like nothing or no one ever has—and who fills my heart with the greatest happiness and joy, forever reminding me that pure goodness and true love really exist,” gushed Marc Jacobs about the book. This looks to be a rather elaborate thank you note, composed of over 200 photographs of Neville and his A-list crew.

The only bad thing about it? You’ll have to wait until September 27 to get your hands on this book.

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