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22/06/2016, 12:23

Massive billboard with dogs as a marriage proposal

A thoughtful man proposed to his unsuspecting girlfriend with a huge billboard featuring their two pooches as he found the perfect way to combine their love of dogs with their love for each other. 

Dog-mad Darren Keralla, 30, from Denver, Colorado, was looking for a creative way to ask Laura Hillen, 28, to marry him when he spotted a billboard and came up with an unforgettable plan.

The groom-to-be told that he then got a friend who works for an advertising company to create a poster featuring their two dogs and the question, ‘'Laura, will you marry me?’ 

Puppy love: A man surprised his girlfriend by using pictures of his dogs to propose on a gigantic billboard in the middle of Denver

Darren Keralla, 30, pictured right, was looking for a creative way to propose to Laura Hillen, 28, pictured left with one of the dogs, when he came up with the idea

Laura, who spotted the billboard from a parking garage, was so shocked that she burst into tears and forgot to answer his question.

She eventually said yes and they are planning to get married next year in the Rocky Mountains.

'The first word I saw was marry, and then I saw my name and his name and I was shocked. I actually didn't even notice the dogs which is weird...I forgot to say yes. I'm really excited,' she said.

Darren said: 'I saw a billboard and said, ‘Man, that would actually be a pretty good way to do it...She obviously was very surprised and started tearing up and I was pretty nervous as well.'

He got his friend, who works in advertising, to arrange a billboard for him that featured his proposal accompanied by pictures of his two dogs

Bride and groom-to-be: The couple, pictured with the dogs walking past the billboard, are getting married next year in the Rocky Mountains

It comes after Bored Panda recently created a list of the most imaginative proposals ever.

Suggestions included proposing on a log flume with signs, getting a dolphin to ask the question with the message written on a buoy, and using a customized Kinder Surprise egg.

Other ideas included using customized board games such as Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity.

One person proposed using a running app that traced his route to spell out 'marry me?'.

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