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01/10/2016, 13:00

Mewgaroo hoodies now have larger pockets, presumably for fatter cats

If you’ve ever wanted to nuzzle your pet in your pocket like a mama kangaroo does her Joey, you’re going to paw-sitively love Mewgaroo, the hoodie sweatshirt that lets you do just that.

Unihabitat, the Japanese company behind the product, released the hoodie last year, but has now updated its wares with a new Mewgaroo model with a larger pocket, to accommodate pets who need some extra space.

Now cats of all sizes can get swaddled in fuzzy sweatshirt goodness:

The old Mewgaroo pocket had a capacity of about six liters, but the new one is double the size, meaning it can accommodate cats up to about 15 pounds.

Of course, the Mewgaroo isn’t only for cats. Even dogs and ferrets adore its comfy pouch.

The new Mewgaroo with a large pocket comes in two colors: navy and gray. If you don’t live in Japan, then your best bet is to order one online for about $90 plus shipping. Enjoy!

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