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16/10/2016, 17:00

Photographer captures the beauty of blind cats to help them find loving homes

A missing eye doesn’t make a cat any less cute. 

It can be incredibly difficult for blind or partially sighted cats to get adopted.

Potential adopters worry about having to provide additional care. They go for kittens rather than adult cats who’ve experienced an injury or illness.

We understand why, but it’s a terrible shame, as so many cats that are absolutely lovely get overlooked simply because they look a little different.

One photographer is doing her part to show everyone just how adorable blind cats can be, in an effort to get more visually impaired cats adopted.

Casey Christopher is a photographer based in LA, who often takes photos of cats for different animal shelters.

Recently Casey noticed an increase in the number of blind cats and kittens in need of homes.

‘A few months ago, I noticed an increase in the number of blind cats and kittens at the shelter and rescues where I volunteer,’ Casey wrote.

‘It felt like a sign so I decided I would do a series on blind cats.’

She contacted the founder of Milo’s Sanctuary, a non-profit shelter that aims to provide second chances to cats that have physical disabilities, a terminal illness, have been abused, or are a little older.

The founder volunteered the shelter’s blind cats as models for the project, in the hopes that the photos would not only help to get these cats adopted, but to encourage everyone to give cats that look a little different a chance.

Thistle Morningsong was lucky to be rescued from a kill shelter in LA.

Regis had to have his eyes removed after developing glaucoma.

Pixie Pawspouncer was abandoned on the streets, blind and pregnant.

Phoenix Flamepaws was found on the streets of LA, blind and poorly.

Sir Thomas Trueheart had acid poured deliberately on to his face.

This is Beatrice Bumblekit. She comes from Cairo.

And this is Oliver, who was rescued just as he was about to be killed.

Charlie was also rescued from a kill shelter in LA.

And Ivy is a little munchkin cat.

All of these cats are lovely, adorable, and in need of loving homes.

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