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30/09/2016, 12:34

SF initiative keeps 32 million pounds of dog waste out of landfills per year

A first-of-its-kind system in San Francisco for composting dog waste is designed to demonstrate the potential to keep 32 million pounds of waste from an estimated 120,000 dogs from entering the landfill each year and move the city closer to its goal of zero waste. The initiative provides dog owners with compostable bags dispensed where they walk their dogs, a collection bin and a pick-up service, which was unveiled at the Starr King Open Space in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood on Sept. 25.

The partnership that makes the initiative possible includes BioBag Americas Inc. of Palm Harbor, Fla., maker of certified compostable bags, EarthBaby of Santa Clarita, Calif., a compostable diaper service serving the San Francisco Bay Area that will pick up the dog waste and take it to a composting facility—and a willing board of directors of the open space park, according to Mark Williams, vice president of market development for BioBag.

“We tried to start this dog waste collection initiative at Duboce Park, and BioBag even offered to pay the cost for the first year, but the city department in charge of the park would not allow it,” he said. “So we’re happy the folks at the Starr King Open Space took us up on our offer to demonstrate that this is an effective way to reduce landfill for zero waste objectives.”

BioBag is part of several similar dog waste composting programs. The most recent was with the Park and Recreation Department of the city of Boulder, Colorado. The Valmont Dog Park uses about 600 BioBags a day and collects about a ton of waste each month, which is turned into compost and sold by Envirowagg whose slogan is “Doggone Good Compost,” the company stated.

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