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17/10/2016, 17:00

Tattooed dog photos prompt animal welfare concerns

A Brazilian tattoo artist has been condemned on social media after posting images of what he claimed was his pet dog with tattoos on its face and ears.

Emerson Damasceno from Poços de Caldas in south east Brazil, shared the pictures on Facebook, where they came to the attention of lawyer Fernanda Soares.

Ms Soares shared them among her followers and they swiftly went viral, with animal lovers appalled at the pet’s apparent mistreatment.

The photos showed the bull terrier with what appeared to be an anchor, a knuckle duster and a diamond tattooed on its nose, stars around its eyes and the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team in its ears.

As outrage spread online Mr Damasceno took the photos down and changed the name of his social media accounts.

He claimed he had tattooed the dog as it was suffering from cancer, and he believed the ink would protect it from solar rays.

Several vets quoted in the Brazilian media said that tattooing a dog would provide no such benefits, reports The Telegraph.



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