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10/10/2016, 17:00

the cute pooch with a new eye

A cute 11-month-old dog will hope bumping into walls will be a thing of the past after undergoing eye transplant surgery.

Pluto is hoping to regain sight lost in one eye after an accident four months ago and had eye-transplant surgery on September 30, the first operation of its kind in India.  

Pluto was diagnosed with a lost vision that was beyond repair. The only possibility for him to regain his vision was a transplantation, but with the available resources and technology it wasn't an easy path.

Pluto the dog has eye-transplant operation to help him see

Pinkie, 16, above, was found to be a suitable eye donor for Pluto, who lost sight in his right eye after an accident

Pluto, an 11-month-old, lost sight in his right eye after an accident four months ago and was constantly bumping into things

Pluto's owners and doctors at Leela Veterinary Hospital were on a hunt for an eye donor.

After a lot of research, the doctors identified Pinkie, a 16-year-old nondescript breed that was suffering from chronic kidney failure, as a prospective donor. 

Given his age and the severity of disease, the dog had only a few days left. But he had a healthy vision and there was an opportunity for his eyes to live on.

Dr Madan Kompal V at Leela Veterinary Hospital said: 'Pluto's family was put in touch with Pinkie's family. The donor and the recipient family came to a mutual consent to provide Pluto a second chance.

Pluto underwent the first dog eye transplant surgery in India, in a three-hour operation that should restore his sight

Vets performs incredibly complex surgery on Pluto after removing the eye from Pinkie 

Now Pluto is on the road to recovery, and will hopefully be able to see well and get back to normal life

'With all the necessary precautions and consent, a successful eye transplantation surgery was performed.'

This incredible video shows the sophisticated operation Pluto had in order to restore his vision.

Pinkie's eye is removed and carefully put into Pluto's socket, before Pluto is given a cone to make sure he doesn't scratch out his new eye.

On September 30, the city's first ever eye transplantation surgery on a pet dog was carried out by Dr. Kompal V at Leela Veterinary Hospital, Mysore.

After a three-hour-long surgery and the continued effort from doctor, Pluto's hope of gaining his vision is back. 

The happy dog is getting back to normal life, and looks keen to be able to use his new eye, shaking his protective scarf away to see the world.  

Dr Kompal V said: 'Now, he is on a post operative care and the prognosis of surgery is currently fairly good. 

'However, the corneal graft will be closely monitored to put Pluto on a road to recovery.'

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