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10/06/2016, 17:00

The cutest concierge in the world? Here she comes!

A one-eyed pug has gone from living ‘ruff’ to residing in one of Chicago’s most luxurious hotels.

The five-star Park Hyatt Chicago adopted the five-year-old dog from local animal shelter, Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS) and, imaginatively, named her Parker.

“We are proud to offer a home to one of Chicago’s deserving dogs,” said Walter Brindell, general manager of Park Hyatt Chicago.

“Parker has become a very special member of our family here and we are honored to further support the efforts of PAWS in our community.”

The former down-and-out — whom animal rescuers found in Tennessee last November with a severely damaged eye and urinary tract infection — is now thriving on front-desk duty.

She greets guests dressed in her signature Burberry necktie, and employs a wide repertoire of pug salutations, from gentle face licks to a sound resembling a reverse sneeze.

Parker has also showed a penchant for lounging on the lobby sofas with guests in efforts to get to know them better.

The jolie laide, with her lion-coloured coat, crumpled yet also nonchalant face, and single glistening hazel eye, has quickly become an Instagram celebrity. Parker happily poses with guests eager for a shot and even boasts her own hashtag — #ParkerthePug, though the hotel group also encourages guests to post pictures using #BarkHyattChicago.

Animal rescuers discovered Parker last November, riddled with problems including a damaged eye and urinary tract infection.So dedicated is Parker to her new career that she rarely leaves her post: she eats from a gilded bowl and sleeps in her squishy doggie bed behind the check-in desk during her time off. Though, according to reports, the pug can also be found snoozing among the purple geraniums in the NoMI rooftop gardens from time to time.

Staff are also enamoured with their new colleague, and split her daily schedule of dog walks, medication and feedings between them.

The celebrity dog boasts her own hashtag on Instagram — #ParkerthePug.The arrival of Parker is in line with a global trend that has seen more luxury hotels take on animals in residence — other examples include the haughty, blazing-white Burmese cats at five-star Le Bristol in Paris, and Dingle the owl at Ashford Castle in Scotland, who is by all accounts exceedingly lazy but manages to charm guests nonetheless.

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