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12/10/2016, 08:00

The Royals Queen Elizabeth Mourns the Death of One Of Her Beloved Corgis

Queen Elizabeth is mourning the death of one of her last corgis.

She now has just one of the furry pets after 13-year-old Holly — who took part in the James Bond sketch played at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and was with her in a celebrated portrait by Annie Liebovitz to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday earlier this year — passed away.

She was reportedly put down after suffering an illness at Balmoral, Scotland, and buried at the Scottish retreat last week, shortly before the Queen headed south at the end of her near three-month stay.

The Queen’s now left with Willow, and two dorgis — a cross between corgis and a dachshund — Vulcan and Candy. Like Holly and Willow they were also featured in the famous portrait in April.

Corgis are as synonymous with the Queen as the crown she wears at grand state occasions, but she’s decided not to replace any of her dogs, for fear that she would leave them behind.

And insiders have also suggested she fears that she might trip over younger, sprightly pups as they scurry around her feet.

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