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13/09/2016, 17:00

These animals are adorable but still very dangerous

Whether you are an animal lover or not we have all at some point in our lives longed to own an animal that can only be found in the wild. As kids, many of us had the opportunity to go visit the local zoo or animal shelter and it is there where we developed the love of bears, giraffes, monkeys, pandas and a host of other cute and furry animals. 

While these animals melt our hearts it is nearly impossible to ever become an owner of one. In fact, it is illegal in many states to own wild animals and on rare occasions that they are found outside of their habitats officials must call in wildlife removal services in order to make sure these animals are removed before they have time to become a danger to anyone else.

Despite the cute and coziness of these animals, they are still armed and very dangerous:

Hooded Pitohui
Not all birds are created equal and this one is no different. This poisonous bird is related to the Variable Pitohui and the Brown Pitohui. A neurotoxin has been found in this bird’s skin and feathers and has been known to cause numbness after touching its skin and feathers. 

Giant Pandas
Giant pandas were first discovered in China and have been a favorite across the globe for many years. While these bears are a grand attraction at many zoos they are still considered rare because only 1,600 exist and out of that 1,600 only about 100 of them can be found in the local zoo. 

Most dogs are a man’s best friend but not this one. The dingo is a wild dog that can be found in Australia. 

This large animal can be from five to 7 feet long making it longer than most humans. It can weight up to 100 pounds and can be very dangerous because this animal has impeccable smell but poor vision. This only means the animal can smell his target even when he can’t see it. 

Blue Ringed Octopus
This beautiful and very small animal can catch you by surprise. She is far from being intimidating but can cause lots harm to your body when you touch her. An innocent pet on this animal can lead to your lips going numb, you lose your speech and feel your bowels beginning to move. This blue ringed octopus literally moves in silence. 

Poison Dart Frogs
Poison frog dart frogs are beautiful but as the name says they are also very poisonous. Despite how you have viewed frogs in the past these frogs can have you sick for days if you’re not careful.


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