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08/10/2016, 13:17

This crocodile ‘cage of death’ is not for the faint of heart

Suzy Strutner Associate Lifestyle Editor, The Huffington Post

Travelers with an absurd craving for danger should head to Darwin, Australia, ASAP.

That’s where they’ll find the Cage of Death, an attraction that puts human bait ― er, visitors ― face-to-face with some of the continent’s largest crocodiles for a dive they’ll never forget. 

The Cage of Death is an acrylic enclosure designed to keep humans safe as they watch big-mouthed crocs more than 16 feet long go about their daily activities. It’s part of Crocosaurus Cove, an aquarium and wildlife center in Australia’s Northern Territory. 

In each daring 15-minute Cage of Death session, visitors first dangle above the water while crocs feed before their eyes. The cage is then lowered into the tank below, where the massive predators might swim right up to say a toothy hello. 

These are saltwater crocodiles, native to Australia and known for their predatory tendency to lurk just beneath the surface at the water’s edge. Getting close to them is no peaceful feat, especially for timid travelers. 

In the Cage of Death, “there’s little option but to cower in fear and hope that the acrylic barrier does its job,” a visitor wrote on TripAdvisor.

Of course, Crocosaurus Cove says the experience is perfectly safe as long as visitors meet the age requirements and undergo a brief safety training before braving the cage. 

A 15-minute session in the Cage of Death costs about $126 for a single visitor and about $190 for two, including admission to Crocosaurus Cove’s other wildlife attractions. 

We’ll stay comfortably on land, thank you very much.

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