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14/10/2016, 13:00

This island has more miniature ponies than humans

If you are tired of everything (especially people), and desperately need a bit of magic in your life, we’ve got your next ultimate getaway covered – the tiny Island of Foula in Britain, which has more fairy tale-like miniature ponies than human inhabitants. Sounds like a paradise, right? But it’s an actual place off the coast of Scotland! While its population is only 30 people, hundreds of stuffed animal-like ponies await your arrival…

Foula is part of the Shetland Islands. Small horses have been kept there since the Bronze Age. This is where Shetland ponies originated, and now the breed is known around the world. The ponies have heavy coats, short legs, and are considered intelligent. Miniature Shetlands have even been trained as guide horses to take the same role as guide dogs. And they are so magically-unbelievably-darn-cute, you’ll start wondering whether you’re in a dream…

Before you start packing your things, know that to get to Foula, you’ll need to hop on a ferry or get on a plane, and the flights depart just a few times a week.

Once you put your feet on the island, you can rent a small cottage or a room at the local B&B bungalow. Then, rediscover yourself with the help of the Old Norse culture, breathtaking views, rich wildlife, lovely cliffs and green knolls. You can also explore the coastline, scout killer whales and birds or – when you start missing humans again – chat with one of the 30 locals.

Welcome to the magical island of Foula! There is one thing that is very special about it…

While this beautiful island with incredible landscapes has only 30 people…

… there are over 1500 fairy tale-like ponies that await your arrival!

The Shetland ponies are a breed known around the world. They are small, intelligent, and unbelievably cute!

Miniature Shetlands have even been trained as guide horses to take the same role as guide dogs

Already packing your things? Know that you’ll need to take a ferry or a plane to get to this remote island…

… But it’s all worth it cause where else will you be surrounded by 1500 ponies?

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