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28/09/2016, 10:20

Who’s the real star: Tom Hiddleston or these dogs with amazing hair?

What could these two be talking about? What, you don’t talk to your dog?

Tom Hiddleston has managed to emerge as his best self post-Taylor Swift breakup. Hiddleston has landed a new campaign as the face of Gucci, and as a result, he is pictured posing in advertisements for Alessandro Michele’s Cruise ready-to-wear 2017 line, Grazia magazine reports.

Showcasing everything from patterned suits to fur-lined slippers and a glitzy jacket, Hiddleston isn’t afraid to show off his uncanny ability to wear a power suit extraordinarily well. But the best part? The beautiful Afghan hounds with the most amazing dog hair — or hair on any mammal maybe ever, for that matter — that are in each of Hiddleston’s campaign photos.

Sure, Hiddleston looks great in each of Gucci’s advertisements, but it’s not only the dogs who seem to outshine him but also Gucci’s incredible outfits. The proof lies on social media, with one Twitter user even writing, “I have a problem with the shoes. The dogs can stay but the shoes … no.” See another one of the promotional images for yourself, below:

Each image is beautifully crafted, with the set (actually the former home of Hollywood set designer Tony Duquette) appearing extremely luxurious in its almost regal vibe. But while Hiddleston’s suits are meant to be the focus of each image, all we see is those gorgeous pups. Considering how much attention and publicity the campaign has already gotten, we’re thinking those long-haired pups were Michele’s greatest decision for the campaign. Looks like Hiddleston couldn’t escape being outshone by a blondie yet again.

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