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24/09/2016, 13:00

World's Maddest Pets: Some of the craziest animal and human friendships around the globe 

Pets are generally viewed as members of the family, but keeping a dog, cat, or maybe a smaller domesticated animal like a hamster isn't for everyone.

Here are some of the world's most unusual pets, showing the bizarre friendships struck up between man and beast.

The pets from around the world include the record breaking and the downright jaw dropping.

Tiger wrestler CAM. Tamer takes on 400lb big cat

Randy Miller performs a fake attack with Eden the tiger in Big Bear, California

You may not recognise Randy Miller, above, but if you've ever seen 2000 blockbuster Gladiator, you've definitely seen him.

He was Russell Crowe's body double in the terrifying tiger attack scene, and it is fair to say that big cats are something of a passion of his.

He has raised and trained exotic animals for the past 25 years, but denies his animals are reared to perform.

His website states that his animals are 'gentle, content and live their lives in the lush pine forest, on hundreds of pristine acres, at their compound at the top of Big Bear Mountain in Southern California'.

The teenager who can give lion a foot massage

Brave: Shandor Larenty with Zavu the lion, who he describes as his 'best friend'

It takes a particularly brave soul to build up a rapport with a 250kg lion, but that's exactly what South African Shandor Larenty managed to do.

Often seen hugging, stroking and playing with scary big cat Zavu, he said back in 2013: 'A lot of the lions that I work with were born when I started learning, so I've grown up with them.

'Zavu is a special lion because he absolutely loves me and we are best friends.' 

That's GRRREAT! Half-blind sanctuary owner has 14 big cats!

Bruiser, a five-month-old Syrian brown bear surfs in a pool at Single Vision educational facility pool with owner Carl Bovard on July 12, 2014 in Melrose, Florida

Carl Bovard has trained his 'pet' bear to surf.

He is owner of Single Vision, a non-profit, wild animal educational facility he opened 11 years ago in the backyard of his home in Melrose, Florida.

Syrian brown bear Bruiser, pictured when he was 10 months old, is one of a number of animals at the facility - he also has six tigers, two lions, two bear cubs, two mountain lions, two bobcats and two alligators. 

Indian 'snake girl' makes best friends with Cobras

Kajol, 8, poses for a picture near her home on February 18, 2011 in Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Fearless Kajol Khan, from Ghatampur in Uttar Pradesh, India, eats and sleeps with deadly snakes - despite receiving several venom-filled bites.

When she was 11 in 2014 she said: 'I have a lot of fun with the cobras. It hurts when they bite me but sometimes it’s my own fault because I tease them. It’s quite funny.'

The fearless snake charmer described the scaly reptiles as her best friends. 

T-Mike Kliebert and his son Blaize tackle Chinaman a 12 foot alligator in Hammond, Louisiana

Dad teaches five-year-old son to wrestle alligators

T-Mike Kliebert raised eyebrows across the world when he revealed he was training his five-year-old son to wrestle with alligators.

He runs The Kliebert Gator Farm in Louisiana, the oldest and biggest in the world, and hoped son Blaize would follow him into the family business.

T-Mike said in 2014: 'I'm sure there will be times when he changes his mind and wants to do something else but unlike most kids he has a real proud tradition that he can carry on.' 

Jimmy the kangaroo with owner Diana Moyer, who sparked controversy when she brought him into a McDonald's restaurant

Diana Moyer sparked controversy last year when she brought pet baby kangaroo Jimmy into a McDonald's in Wisconsin.

The pet was wrapped in a blanket and tucked in an infant car seat.

He is the youngest of five kangaroos owned by Diana and her husband Larry.

Fearless father allows his kids to play with 19ft pet PYTHON

Eric LeBlanc with his three children Erica, Larry and Katie with Shelby the python on December 19, 2015 in Anaheim, California

California dad Eric LeBlanc said he has no problem letting his three children play with Shelby the python - his 19ft pet.

Reptile enthusiast LeBlanc, 43, said: 'They make great pets. They don't have fleas and are low maintenance so you don't have to take them to a vet regularly like a dog or a cat.'

Inside the Florida ranch where family live with 13 pet BEARS

Betty Chu breeds and lives with world's furriest rabbits

A young angora rabbit - the world's furriest breed - at Betty Chu's home in San Jose in California

Bunny breeder Betty Chu is the proud owner of the world's furriest rabbits - whose hair can measure almost 15 inches long.

The 70-year-old has dedicated the last 34 years to producing prize-winning English angora rabbits.

She lives with 50 of them at her home in San Jose, California, and is so dedicated she hasn't holidayed with her husband since 1992.


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