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08/09/2016, 13:00

Yoga with goats!

There’s now a retreat where you can do yoga with goats

Yoga is great once you get into it. It’s calming, you feel all ‘at one’ with your body, and you get to be all smug about being a person who does yoga. It’s all brilliant.

And so the idea of a yoga retreat sounds like a glorious thing. Going away to do nothing but yoga all day? Delightful.

But then you see the prices, and realise that it really doesn’t seem that worth it to drop hundreds of pounds just so you can do something you do for free at home, just in a slightly nicer environment.

Why bother when you can do yoga anywhere, right?

Unless there’s some kind of fancy perk, of course. Like an incredible view. Or free cocktails. Or, um, goats.

No Regrets Farm in Willamette Valley, Oregon, is now offering people the opportunity to do their daily yoga with goats.

Because why not?

The Goat Retreat was set up by former professional photographer Lainey Morse, who wanted to start a new business based on her farm.

When a local yoga instructor was searching for a place for her classes, Lainey offered up her farm – along with the goats that live there.

Now, to be clear, the goats don’t actually participate in the yoga. They’re goats. They don’t know how to do downward dog.

The goats are there more for moral support and the weird factor, preventing you from getting bored midway through all that deep-breathing.

‘It really is a wonderful unique experience,’ says Lainey.

‘It may sound silly but it’s really just about getting outside in nature with beautiful scenery and having animals around you.

‘Animals can really help humans with stress and illness or grief.’

Fair enough.

And hey, goats are cute. Yoga is fun. We’re all for putting the two together into one holiday package.

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