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At the Wessex Vale Crematorium, on Bubb Lane, in the Southampton suburb of West End, mourners gathered on Friday, September 5, 2014, for a memorial service in honor of Leila Kathleen Moore. She had died the previous month, at the age of 87. The cover of the program for the service bore Moore’s picture, a faded color snapshot that shows her in middle age. There is a beaming smile on her face, but she is not looking at the camera. She is looking down upon the pair of tawny-eared, white-pawed Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies cradled in her arms. The London newspapers made no mention of her death, but the weekly Dog World, out of Ashford, in Kent, published a substantial obituary—a sensitive and detailed account of Leila Moore’s six-decade-long career as a breeder of corgis. Though she lacked certain advantages (“Widowed sadly young, Leila was always limited in the number of shows she could attend … ”), Moore acquired good stock in the 1950s from celebrated breeders such as Bunny Thornycroft. With these dogs, Moore built “an easily recognizable line of a type which she would stick to,” involving “a clean cut outline, level topline, true and strong hindquarters,” and the rich red color of the coat on her first great champion, Mist, who became her kennel’s foundation bitch.
What's your name, Stud? Meet the world's most handsome horse, Frederik, whose lustrous mane changes style according to his mood and drives the fillies wild. Frederik The Great may just be the world's most handsome horse. The Friesian stallion has shiny black hair and a long flowing mane. A breathtaking video shows Frederik galloping freely around his stable.
Business inspiration can come from anywhere, so it should come as no surprise that for many people, that inspiration comes from the love of their pets. Animals, from dogs and cats to goats and chickens and everything in between, have inspired many odd but successful business ventures. Some make use of a critter's natural behaviors; others pamper your pet to the fullest. In any case, these companies have your four-legged friends in mind. If leaving your pets alone while you go off to work every day makes you sad, Kittyo might be just the thing you need. Cat owners can use the device and app to interact with their furry friends even when they're not in the same room.
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