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What insects make best pets for kidsRead more

What insects make best pets for kids

If you aren't afraid of creepy crawlies an insect as a pet can be wonderful. They are definitely "exotic," are quiet, clean, and don't need a lot of attention. All these characteristics make themgreat with kids, but not all are appropriate insects for kids. Check out this list of recommendations and see what the best fit for your family is.

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Can scorpion be a good pet?Read more

Can scorpion be a good pet?

You don't often find the words "pet" and "scorpion" together in the same sentence, do you? But there are loads of very loyal scorpion-keepers around the world who do call scorpions good pets. These are people who intentionally went out and bought a scorpion or somehow inherited one from a family member or friend fallen on hard times. If you are realistic, then a scorpion can make an excellent pet.

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Insects and spiders as pets : unusual choiceRead more

Insects and spiders as pets : unusual choice

Insects and spiders can be fascinating to watch. They are extremely quiet, clean pets that do not need much room to live. Insects and spiders also require little attention or socialization (in fact, they generally do best with little interaction). However, before deciding on an insect or spider as a pet, look at your reasons for wanting this kind of pet.

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The most commonly asked questions about stick insectsRead more

The most commonly asked questions about stick insects

How old can a stick insect become? Generally speaking stick insects live for 4 to 10 months as nymphs and then 5 tot 12 months as an adult, depending on the species. Bigger species live longer than small species. Females generally live almost twice as long as males. When keeping insects at high temperatures, their developmental time decreases. They reach adulthood earlier, but as a consequence they will also have a shorter life span. Can stick insects bite? No, they can not. Their mouthparts are not able to chew on anything other than flat plant material.

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Macleays Spectre - a real Australian giantRead more

Macleays Spectre - a real Australian giant

The Macleay's Spectre or Giant Prickly Stick Insect (Exatosoma tiaratum) is a huge stick insect or phasmid species from Australia. Females grow to as much as 8" (20cm) long and have very bulky bodies. Both sexes curl up their bodies like very big scorpions and look the sort of insect you don't want to touch though they are actually harmless.

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Advantages and disadvantages of pet spidersRead more

Advantages and disadvantages of pet spiders

If you aren't squeamish about spiders, you might enjoy keeping them as pets. Their homemaking and hunting behaviors are intriguing to observe, and they're silent, so they won't disturb your housemates or neighbors. Spiders are excellent escape artists, though, so don't keep any species you wouldn't want loose in your home.

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Keeping land crabs as petsRead more

Keeping land crabs as pets

One relatively easy to keep and yet often overlooked pet invertebrate type is the land crab, a type of crustacean that lives mainly on the edges of the water rather than in the seas and rivers themselves. Land crabs of certain types can be kept as pets within the home, and make for incredibly interesting and educational pets that are relatively low maintenance.

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Your pet milipedeRead more

Your pet milipede

Millipedes are not insects at all, but they do are popular invertebrate pets. Millipedes are part of the class Diplopoda. The are closely related to centipedes, class Chilopoda, and you could refer to millipedes and centipedes together as myriapods. Pill bugs are also related to millipedes but are actually isopod crustaceans and more related to shrimps, crabs and water fleas. There are around 10.000 species of millipedes on Earth.

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Caring for a pet praying mantisRead more

Caring for a pet praying mantis

Praying mantis make beautiful and fascinating pets. In their behavior and mannerisms, they remind me something of uncuddly cats - fastidiously clean, curious, and predatory. Unlike cats, you can't really pet them; however, you also don't have to clean any litter boxes! Cleaning a praying mantis's cage is easy and almost completely odorless, as long as you do it regularly.

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Tarantulas for beginnersRead more

Tarantulas for beginners

If you find arachnids fascinating rather than freaky, it may have crossed your mind at some point that you would like to get more up close and personal with spiders in general, possibly even keeping one as a pet! Tarantulas are one of the more common varieties of exotic pets kept within the UK, and a wide range of species and types of tarantula are available on the market for the first time spider keeper to consider.

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