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7 myths about parrotsRead more

7 myths about parrots

Humans have been keeping parrots as pets since ages. There are many misconceptions or myths about parrots, some are taken as the fact and some are old wives tale. In this article we will help new parrot owners to know what is real and what is not. Here i will tell you top 7 myths about parrots.

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Don't ever do this if your bird is around!Read more

Don't ever do this if your bird is around!

While most responsible pet bird owners strive to make their birds feel part of the family and offer them plenty of one-on-one time whenever feasible, there are times when your bird should perch elsewhere. Here are nine activities you should do away from your bird.

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Lovebirds: are they really in love?Read more

Lovebirds: are they really in love?

If you see a couple transfixed in mutual admiration, or strolling along hand in hand, or smooching on a park bench, it's almost a knee jerk reaction to say (or think) "look at that pair of lovebirds." The expression originated presumably with reference to the apparent intense devotion of pair-bonded birds, as is commonly the case in the avian world, or, more specifically, to the behavior of the genus Agapornis, or actual lovebirds.

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Ideal pet birds for busy peopleRead more

Ideal pet birds for busy people

Choosing the best bird species for your lifestyle can be quite a job, but it gets even tougher if you have a busy work schedule that won't allow you to spend hours upon hours with your pet each day. Most pet bird species need near-constant companionship from their owners if they are to thrive, so many bird lovers refrain from adopting a feathered friend if they don't have much free time to spend at home. There is good news for these busy bird lovers, however -- there are several bird species that are perfectly content to entertain themselves for much of the day. Check out the list below for some ideas!

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Quite unusual pet birdsRead more

Quite unusual pet birds

Many people are familiar with the most common and popular types of pet birds, such as Budgies, Finches, and Cockatiels -- but finding those who can list some of the more uncommon species that are sometimes kept as pets can be a challenge. Whether you are researching more exotic species in the hopes of adopting a unique pet or you are just curious, you can find out more about some of the most uncommon pet birds in the world in the information below. Be prepared, however -- some of these "strange birds" have specialized care requirements that make them less than ideal prospects for the average bird owner.

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Physical activity for your pet parrotRead more

Physical activity for your pet parrot

Does your parrot look bored every time you put her pellets in her dish? Does she get a sad look in her eyes just before she bites you? Does she attack your neighbors every time they come to visit? They can get that way. Maybe all she needs is a little exercise.

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Keeping a pet pheasantRead more

Keeping a pet pheasant

Pheasants can make wonderful pets. Many people are used to see wild pheasants, or associate them with game shooting, so they don’t consider them as potential pets. With their beautiful plumage, they are a great addition to any aviary and can live with other birds such as chickens and ducks. Most are as easy to keep as poultry.

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How to find out what sex your budgie belongs toRead more

How to find out what sex your budgie belongs to

So you bought yourself a budgie, and now the question has been nagging at you... Is it a boy or a girl? It's not too difficult to tell with budgies, but it can be confusing for beginning bird owners.

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Can cats and birds get along under the same roof?Read more

Can cats and birds get along under the same roof?

One is a predator, and the other one is a prey animal. Anyone who has watched Sylvester and Tweety knows which one is which, and knows why it can sometimes be difficult to keep both cats and birds in the same house. However, as challenging as it can sometime be, it's not impossible. For those like me who love both species (or if you're in a cat-person/bird-person relationship), you don't have to choose one type of pet or the other. If you take the proper precautions to keep your animal friends safe, you can absolutely keep cats and birds together.

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Should birds be kept in round cages?Read more

Should birds be kept in round cages?

Round cages are not recommended for most bird species, for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, round cages are dangerous for its inhabitant. If you look at the top of a round cage you will see the bars come to gather to the center point of the top of the cage with the bar space gradually getting smaller and smaller until it meets the center point. Any animal in a round cage could very easily get a toe, beak, tail or an entire foot or ankle caught in that smaller space and be helpless to free itself. This is a very real danger in and of itself and you really don’t need another reason to reject this type of cage. But there are more reasons than just this danger of the V-shaped construction at the top.

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