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Caring about a pet doveRead more

Caring about a pet dove

There are many different types of doves from from diamond doves, white doves to pigeons. The smartest types of doves would be the Diamond dove and Ring-Neck dove. Dove birds make great beginner pets as they are easy to care for, and can be trained.

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Cleaning your pet bird's cageRead more

Cleaning your pet bird's cage

It is important to clean out your bird’s cage thoroughly, and on a regular basis. Throughout the cleaning process ensure you are checking for signs of unusual feces colour or mites.

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Middle-sized parrotsRead more

Middle-sized parrots

Parrots are extremely captivating creatures, beautiful and intelligent, and capable of providing unsurpassed levels of companionship for pet owners. However, many who are interested in these amazing birds don't realize that just because a bird is a parrot, it doesn't mean that it's a very large animal like a Macaw, Cockatoo, or Amazon parrot. There are plenty of small to medium sized parrot species that are just as fascinating as their larger counterparts, and they too can make excellent pets. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular medium sized parrot species, and what it's like to live with one in your home.

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Is it possible to keep an owl as a pet?Read more

Is it possible to keep an owl as a pet?

Owls are wild birds of prey, similar to eagles and vultures. They have very different personalities, which can make them unsuitable to be kept as pets. Here, we provide information about the nature of these birds, and the care that domestic owls need.

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Ways to travel with your pet birdRead more

Ways to travel with your pet bird

Some birds see travel as a great adventure, while others prefer to stay at home in familiar surroundings. Sometimes, though, your bird’s preference may not matter because you have to travel by air or take him to the veterinarian. Because he probably can’t tell you whether he enjoys traveling, you will have to do some detective work. But how do you do this? Simple—take your bird for a short ride in the car and judge his reaction to the experience.

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Ten dangers for your pet birdRead more

Ten dangers for your pet bird

Pet birds are extremely susceptible to a wide variety of household dangers. There are numerous reasons for this, including their small size, rapid metabolism, and sensitive respiratory systems. Of course, with parrots, there is also an intense curiosity and need to explore everything with their beaks. Owners need to be vigilant about protecting their birds from dangers throughout the home.

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The Canary: your ideal companionRead more

The Canary: your ideal companion

Are you looking for a new small pet? Do you live in an apartment or small house, but you would like a new, cheerful companion? Do you love music and want a pet that shares your interest? It sounds like you might be looking for a canary! A canary is a beautiful and often yellow bird from the finch family. They originated from the Canary Islands. Canaries are now domesticated and sold as pets. They are excellent singers with an extremely pleasant disposition.

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Helping your pet bird to learn how to flyRead more

Helping your pet bird to learn how to fly

Learning to fly – or fledging - is very important for your bird's developing psyche; for an adult bird, it's great exercise. When children learn to walk, they develop a much-needed skill while developing confidence. They also make neurological connections that help in other learning processes throughout their lives. For a bird, learning to fly is much the same. Birds allowed to fledge are more confident and more independent. You can help your bird with this process.

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Aggressive behavior in pet birdsRead more

Aggressive behavior in pet birds

Aggression in birds can be an unexpected, frustrating and always unwelcome behavior. Understanding why it occurs and what you can do to help can result in a more loving and safe relationship with your bird. Birds are normally flock creatures. In the wild, they are part of a tight flock that provides constant companionship, leadership and guidance. Birds prefer to live in a hierarchal community, where one flock member is dominant over others within the group.

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Giving home to a second-hand parrotRead more

Giving home to a second-hand parrot

Some of the finest birds available are second- or third-hand pets. Because many parrots are long-lived and humans are, well, only human, there are frequent opportunities to acquire previously-owned parrots. Some parrots require new homes within a year either because their owners did not fill their needs for training and appropriate environment or because of their owners' lifestyle changes.

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