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How to stop your pet bird from bitingRead more

How to stop your pet bird from biting

Biting is annoying and can even be dangerous, but since birds are prey species, punishing them can be damaging – both physically and emotionally. The best response to a bird nipping painlessly on your flesh is no response at all. Some birds perceive almost any response as reinforcement for their behavior. After all, behavior that isn't reinforced isn't likely to become a habit. What if it's more than a "nip"? If your bird bites your hand, move it toward him, and he'll have to let go as your hand approaches his body. If your bird bites another part of you, remove him immediately, using a towel if necessary.

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Is owl a suitable pet bird for kids?Read more

Is owl a suitable pet bird for kids?

Hedwig, Harry Potter’s beautiful white owl, plays both dedicated pet and handy messenger in the Harry Potter series. He easily lands on Harry’s bare arm and happily hangs out in the dorm or spends his time flying between message drops. From watching these films it is easy to see why many children would suddenly want owls as pets. Unfortunately, other than beauty and majesty, owls in the real world share none of Hedwig’s traits. Owls are wild animals and are certainly not on the list of great exotic pet birds.

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