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10 things you cat hatesRead more

10 things you cat hates

There's a reason why cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. They're adorable, curious, playful, hilarious and they're relatively low maintenance. However, they're very particular beings and each cat has its own list of likes and dislikes. Click through for the 10 things most commonly disliked by cats. TRAVELING IN CARS Just like humans, cats are creatures of habit. They like to have their territory and their routines, and absolutely hate it when any form of change occurs. Add in the confusing concept of a moving vehicle and you're likely to have one unhappy kitty. But cats dislike cars for good reason: They are prone to motion sickness, and may vomit from anxiety alone.  BATHING It's a tale as old as time: Cats absolutely HATE getting wet. For one, cats don't have to be bathed like humans or dogs, as they do a pretty good job of grooming themselves. Some breeds—and especially big cats—are fond of the wet stuff, but the average housecat will do everything in its power to avoid water.

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How you can help your shy catRead more

How you can help your shy cat

Reward-based training is a simple and effective way to boost your cat’s confidence and strengthen her bond with you. For a shy or cautious cat, though, the benefits of training may be even greater. Shy cats tend to keep to themselves, particularly in uncomfortable situations — which can include everything from friends visiting your home to a trip to the vet’s office. One downside of this is that when your cat is prone to hiding, it can be difficult to spot the small changes in behavior that may signal a health problem. Your shy cat may also aggress when she feels threatened, and this behavior can make even routine vet visits difficult.

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Your cat's sleepRead more

Your cat's sleep

There's no doubt about it: cats sure know how to sleep. Although the amount of time spent napping varies from cat to cat, and depends on the cat's age and personality, felines spend an average of 13 to 16 hours each day curled up in slumber. Only the opossum and the bat sleep more – napping away almost 20 hours a day.

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Is it safe for your cat to eat bugs?Read more

Is it safe for your cat to eat bugs?

It doesn’t take a devoted cat or dog person to let you know just how different these two species are—the signs are all around us. While dogs are considered “man’s best friend” and have been domesticated, the social contract between cats and people has a few gray areas. It’s as if cats considered our offer of being fed and having a warm place to sleep and answered, “Ok, we’ll take care of the rodents, but as for the rest of that stuff—you’re on your own.” While we might view photographs and artwork containing dogs as the picture of domesticity, images of felines often seem to have the auspices of a wild predator lurking just beneath the surface. In our modern world, we’ve indeed taken the cat out of the jungle (or desert, to be precise), but we haven’t been as successful in taking the jungle out of our cats. Whether your cat is always crouched in a corner waiting to attack your feet as your walk by or bringing the spoils of an outdoor hunt to your welcome mats and carpets (or to your bed!), even the cutest moggy is a little wild-at-heart.

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Samsonite pet carriersRead more

Samsonite pet carriers

Samsonite makes some of the most durable bags on Earth. If you're travelling with a pet, you want to make sure their carrier is just that -- durable. And comfortable, of course. I have one of these bags, and have had it for several years, and I absolutely love everything about it. So does my cat.

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Choosing a bed for your kittyRead more

Choosing a bed for your kitty

Do you have a hard time sleeping because your pet cat cuddles up next to you at the slightest pretext? Yes, it is a loving relationship, but it could also be because your cat is not comfortable sleeping in its designated bed. Cats are lazy and they could sleep away 15 hours of the day. If your feline friend is not taking those naps, then you ought to take a second look at the current cat bed in use.

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Keeping your indoor cat happyRead more

Keeping your indoor cat happy

Are you worried that your indoor cat may yearn for a life outside? You're not alone. In fact, many cat owners wonder if their indoor cats are happy. But the truth of the matter is there are many ways that indoor cats are just as happy, or perhaps even happier, than their comrades who go out into the great outdoors. Here's an overview of this great debate, as well as some tips on how you can keep your indoor cat as happy and healthy as can be.

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