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10 coolest dog's houses

10 coolest dog's houses

These pooch palaces are lux, posh and amazingly awesome! Fido needs an upgrade. The world's coolest dog houses feature much more than particle board walls and a simple slanted roof. Check out the top 10 woof-worthy houses that are pure puppy perfection!

1. Furniture for Two
"No Dog, No Life!" is a doghouse of an artistic kind. Created by architect Sou Fujimoto, this isn't just a living space for a dog -- it's also a cubed shelving unit for the home. Allowing for open storage, this completely unique design brings together people and their pets in one house!

2. Paw-some Interior
This isn't your run-of-the-mill dog house. From the mind (and hands) of La Petite Maison master builder Alan Mowrer, this Swiss-style design is adorable with international flare. Originally a people playhouse designer, Mowrer is now known worldwide as a dog house creator, as well.

Not only is the outside a show-stopper, but the inside is thoughtfully crafted by interior designer Michelle Pollak. The inside of this one is ultra-posh for a pup, featuring framed photos, a tile floor and decorative accents galore. This is more than just a place for your dog to put his bed.

3. Canopy Creation
Decadent Digs designer Barbara Thulin is known for her over-the-top imaginative creations. The white canopy design looks more like a pool- or beach-side cabana than a simple house. Even though this curtain-walled cubbie isn't exactly a traditional "dog house" structure, it does come with its own special breed of style.

4. Swiss Doghouse
This chalet (also designed by Mowrer) brings that international flare to a decadent dog owner's yard. The delicate window boxes, fine woodwork and design that's fit for a human make this pooch pad one of the coolest dog houses.

5. Interactive Dog House
This imaginative revision of the traditional dog house (think Snoopy's beagle hut) has a playful, curved shape and a rope for pulling. That's right, either the dog or the pet parent can pull the house, making it awesomely interactive. Created by architects Elien Deceuninck and Mick van Gemert from the firm MVRDV, this pup home is also a true work of art.

6.Mount Pug
Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, "Mount Pug" is a monument to artistry in the dog house world. While it won't keep your pooch warm, this mesh architectural maze gets pups playing. The geometric latticework allows the owner to hang treats, snacks and playthings in reach of the dog.

7.Louis XIV
Thulin's luxurious Louis XIV design is definitely for a dog with glamour. With gold accents, this doggie home regally goes beyond a simply brown box hut.

8. Georgetown Doghouse
Mowrer's take on the mini manse looks almost exactly like the real thing. With columns, windows and a balcony, this custom creation is leaps and barks above the common crate.

9. Slides and Slopes
The design firm Atelier Bow-Wow created this wooden slope house with dog such as a dachshund in mind. Instead of steps, the slide-like ramps make it easy for a dog with short legs to run up and down. And bonus -- this dog house also doubles as a reclining spot for the pet's human parent.

10. Frank Lloyd Wright
The ultra-famous architect actually designed a dog house! In 1956, a young boy named Jim Berger asked the architect to create the house. While Wright didn't actually build it, he did send the boy plans for the structure.

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