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Anorexia in ferretsRead more

Anorexia in ferrets

Anorexia is a term used to describe the situation where a ferret does not want to eat or is physically unable to eat. There are many causes of anorexia. Often, a loss of appetite is the first indication of illness. Diseases of the digestive system – including the esophagus, stomach, intestine, liver, pancreas – the kidneys, the blood, the eyes, mouth, nose, and throat, the skin, the brain, and many other organs in the body can cause a loss of appetite. Pain of any cause can also make a ferret less willing to eat.

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Ear Mites in FerretsRead more

Ear Mites in Ferrets

Ear mites are quite uncommon among ferrets and usually occur when the animal's ears are cleaned too much, thus removing natural protective oils. The Otodectes cynotis mite is the cause for the infection and it acts much like a parasite, seeking out a host -- in this case, the ferret -- and feeding on the tissue debris and secretions from the ear canal lining. Fortunately, this is an infection that is relatively easy to clear up once proper veterinary treatment is sought. Symptoms and Types The color and odor of a ferret's earwax is the most recognizable sign of an ear mite infection. Normally, a ferret's earwax will be red and odorless. However, those with an infection will have smelly, darker-colored (usually black or gray) earwax . Other signs may also include:

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How to give medicine to your ferretRead more

How to give medicine to your ferret

Giving a pet prescribed medication can be a scary, even bewildering prospect. You can't explain why the medicine is important; all your ferret knows is that you're trying to make him swallow something he doesn't like. Medications, in pill or liquid form, are often prescribed, with very careful instructions on how to administer them. Liquid is more common because it is easier to get your ferret to swallow them, compared to pills.

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