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Does your pet ferret need a hammock?Read more

Does your pet ferret need a hammock?

If there is, one thing ferrets love it is sleeping, in fact on average an adult ferret sleeps around 20 hours every day. While they are sleeping, they love soft dark places. This means you should give your ferret a soft dark place to take a nap. When you go to bed, you have an option of blankets and sheets to use, if it is warm, you may choose a light blanket and if it is cold of course, you will want a heavier covering. It is the same for your ferret.

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Exotic and eldlessly lovableRead more

Exotic and eldlessly lovable

What’s the common factor between sugar gliders, ferrets and fennec foxes? They are smart, they are small, and they are entirely exotic: for the animal enthusiast, there could not be a better choice of pet than these three! The thing about taking care of these special creatures is that there are a lot of prohibitions, restrictions, guidance and conduct rules, etc. when it comes to taking care of them. But with a little bit of knowledge, and a whole lot of love, you could find an exotic best friend in no time!

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Grooming your ferretRead more

Grooming your ferret

It's a paradox of the ferret world: The more you bathe your ferret, the worse he will smell. Ferrets have a natural musky odor, which appeals to many people, but offends some. The odor comes from the oils that coat the ferret's fur and keep his skin moist. Washing away the oils merely dries out his skin, leaving him itchy, and sends a message to the ferret's skin glands: "Hey, we need more oil up here, pronto!" The newly produced oil will have a more noticeable odor than the oil washed away.

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Ferrets: walking disasters or great pets?Read more

Ferrets: walking disasters or great pets?

It is a very, very tough job keeping ferrets as pets for a number of reasons. Here are some of the big ones below: • They smell. Ferrets smell really bad to most people. Animal lovers don't find the scent awful, but it is definitely strong. Some describe it as musky, but I find that the smell of strong artificial chocolate is the closest way to describe it. Males generally smell stronger than females, while neutered ones smell more mild. If you don't wash and dry one throughly an hour before traveling, you'll get many people turning their noses up at you and your pet on public transportation, which can be very embarrassing. I found out that that any smell = bad. People don't want to smell anything, basically.

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Do ferrets get on with other pets?Read more

Do ferrets get on with other pets?

Are ferrets suitable for home with other pets? It’s a common question and one which deserves careful consideration. While it is not unheard of to have interspecies friendships, it is an exception and it is generally considered unsafe to house your ferret with other species unsupervised.

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Taking your ferret for a walkRead more

Taking your ferret for a walk

Curious, sensitive, lively animals that they are, ferrets enjoy being outdoors for a walk - as long as you and your pet abide by a few ground rules. For ferrets, the ground rules include a collar, harness and leash. For pet owners, they require being sensitive to a ferret's need to have a safe place to hide if scared, and a chance to explore without being tugged or dragged along.

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How to make your ferret stop biting youRead more

How to make your ferret stop biting you

Bare feet can attract a playful ferret like roses attract bees. And more than one ferret owner has stepped out of the shower and right into an ambush – a musky little friend lying in wait to attack the toes! It's not a spiteful attack; it's what passes for ferret fun, especially when his owner starts hopping around on one foot yelling "Ow!" But it is also annoying – not to mention painful. And when the ferret is angry or frightened and really does mean for his bite to hurt, it's even worse.

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