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Does your pet ferret need a hammock?

Does your pet ferret need a hammock?

If there is, one thing ferrets love it is sleeping, in fact on average an adult ferret sleeps around 20 hours every day. While they are sleeping, they love soft dark places. This means you should give your ferret a soft dark place to take a nap. When you go to bed, you have an option of blankets and sheets to use, if it is warm, you may choose a light blanket and if it is cold of course, you will want a heavier covering. It is the same for your ferret. They should have the option of two different types of sleeping environment. This is one way you give them some of the same choices you have. Your ferret needs a comfortable place to sleep, otherwise their sleep is disturbed and they will not live as long or healthy.

A very popular bed choice is a sleep sac or nap sack. This type of bedding offers extra warmth if it is necessary. Nap sacks will lie on the bottom of the cage and have at least one opening for your ferret to climb in through; many are open on both ends. Being in the nap sack is similar to you being cuddled in a sleeping bag; your ferret is surrounded by warmth. If you come across the nap sack that looks somewhat crinkled, remember that these are for play.

The second bed type you can choose from, and the one most ferret owners have is the hammock. This is a ferret bed suspended in mid air. These beds give your ferret a pocket like space to sleep in which has walls for security but an open space for comfort. The open area above allows cooling air to circulate which is very nice since ferrets are typically hot natured animals. You will find that ferret hammocks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; some are large enough to sleep multiple animals, as ferrets tend to like to snuggle.

Other hammocks include boot shaped, zip front adjustable and simple flat looking hammocks. A hammock also makes a nice safety tool as well; many people use them as steps so the ferret can gain access to higher levels and not have a risk of falling.  

One very important thing to remember with any hammock or nap sack you choose is that it is machine washable. Good hygiene prevents the spread of harmful disease. Also, look for tightly woven fabrics that are durable and safe. When your hammock or sleep sock begins to wear out and fray you should replace it immediately as it can be a danger to your pet. Finally, when buying a hammock you should be sure the hardware is safe for your ferret, this goes double in cases where you are using your own makeshift hardware.

Hammocks for ferrets are really a good investment as they provide your pet a safer place to live. Hammocks allow them to sleep in a more natural position and puts a lot less pressure on their body. These also give them a separate area for sleep and play.



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