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Measuring your horse's vital signsRead more

Measuring your horse's vital signs

It is incredibly important that you know how to take vital signs of a horse. It is crucial that you take your horse's vital signs when they are healthy, resting, and calm, as that is what is normal. You should record the results of the healthy and calm vitals so when they do get sick you don't have to think about what's normal you know. It is also good for you to practice taking the vitals so you can do it correctly and quickly in a possible emergency situation.

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Best organic beauty products for your horseRead more

Best organic beauty products for your horse

Following a few years’ decline in ownership, horses are back in the race, with a 2.3 percent increase since 2010 - according to the American Pet Products Association Pet Ownership Survey for 2013-2014. Furthermore, as is the case for other animals, horse products are becoming more elaborate, and the market for equine supplies and accessories is expanding overall. The most popular products are those that help to ensure the optimal health and well being of equines, as well as their spiffy appearances.

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What to do if your horse suffers from laminitisRead more

What to do if your horse suffers from laminitis

Your horse can suffer from a wide variety of injuries and ailments, but horse laminitis is one of the most painful and is very serious if untreated. Make sure you know how to prevent it, how to spot it and what to do about it.

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Equine Metabolic SyndromeRead more

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Equine Metabolic Syndrome is a rather new term used to describe horses with what is thought to be a genetic predisposition that leads to obesity, insulin resistance andlaminitis.

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10 common errors when feeding your horseRead more

10 common errors when feeding your horse

Most horse owners enjoy feeding their horses. It's fun to see your horse enjoy its meals and coming running to you when it sees you coming with the feed bucket. But it's easy to make a mistake when planning your horse's dietary needs. Avoid these ten common feeding mistakes.

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