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Taming you pot-bellied pigRead more

Taming you pot-bellied pig

Pot bellied pigs have individual personalities, but many piglets do not like to be touched much, or held. Usually, they grow to enjoy being near the people they bond with, and like to be touching them or sitting in their laps. However, piglets can be quite aloof or fearful at first, especially if they have not been well socialized by their breeder. Even well socialized pigs may take a while to learn to transfer trust to a new owner.

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Advantages and disadvantages of keeping micro pigsRead more

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping micro pigs

Incredibly intelligent, social, and caring animals, micro pigs are a common option for individuals and families who don't want a traditional pet. And while exciting, most potential owners are ill-informed regarding the pros and cons of owning a pig themselves. Below, we'll discuss the distinct pros and cons of purchasing one of many micro pigs for sale to help you better determine whether or not you want to invest in your own pet.

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Disciplining your miniature pigRead more

Disciplining your miniature pig

Miniature pigs are intelligent creatures. Unfortunately, miniature pigs can also be aggressive creatures, especially if they aren’t disciplined properly and consistently from a young age. This aggressive behaviour can lead to biting, among other issues, that no individual or family should have to deal with.

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The truth about the sizes of pot bellied pigsRead more

The truth about the sizes of pot bellied pigs

Pot bellied pigs all look tiny and cute when they are wee little piglets but they don't all stay that small. Several sizes of pot bellied pigs have been bred and are now classified by different names, weights, and how tall they are.

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Celebrities with pet pigsRead more

Celebrities with pet pigs

In recent years, celebrities have boosted the visibility (and myth) of owning a mini pig by buying, toting around and posing with their miniature pig pets. Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes have pet pigs. Some of these celebrities adopted pot-bellied pigs, while others purchased micro pigs.

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Grooming your teacup pigRead more

Grooming your teacup pig

When most people think of pigs, they think that they’re dirty animals. And to be sure, they can be if they’re left outdoors to roll in mud to their heart’s content. However, on most average days, your pet pig will be no different than a dog: generally clean with only occasional bathing and grooming required.

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