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Celebrities with pet pigs

Celebrities with pet pigs

In recent years, celebrities have boosted the visibility (and myth) of owning a mini pig by buying, toting around and posing with their miniature pig pets. Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes have pet pigs. Some of these celebrities adopted pot-bellied pigs, while others purchased micro pigs.

The nano pig trend seems to have taken off in 2009, when Paris Hilton got a so-called teacup potbelly pig she named Princess Pigelette. The public sees these pets when they are tiny piglets and not full-grown, and that perpetuates the idea that pigs can stay small, even though it isn’t the case.

Who is the most famous person today who has a pet pig? Megan Fox tops our list. The actress used to have a pet pig named Piggie Smalls, but she gave away the animal in 2012, stating that it was too "sexually aggressive." Paris Hilton has a pot-bellied pig named Princess Pigelette, and in 2014, Miley Cyrus adopted a pet pig named Bubba Sue.

Several famous men also have pet pigs. George Clooney lived with his pet pig, Max, for over 18 years before the beloved pet passed away in 2006. Rupert Grint had two micro pigs named Stanley and Oscar, but Oscar passed away in 2010. He also has pet rats, cats, dogs, and turtles. Other celebs with pet pigs include Tori Spelling, Denise Richards, and Jonathan Ross.

Also in 2009, model, fashion designer and singer Victoria Beckham (of Spice Girls fame) bought her soccer-star husband, David Beckham, not one teacup piggy but two teacup piggies as a Christmas gift. In 2012, child reality TV star Alana Thompson (better known as Honey Boo Boo) briefly had a baby mini pig named Glitzy that she intended to take with her to beauty pageants as a good-luck charm. And singer Miley Cyrus posed with her pet teacup pig for the cover of a magazine in 2015.

While some celebrities have kept their baby mini pigs even after they grew into adult mini pigs, the pocket pig craze has had some serious ripple effects. More and more tiny pigs are losing their homes and are being abandoned, surrendered to shelters or winding up at rescue groups and sanctuaries across the country as people buy them and then quickly realize that the pigs get much bigger than anticipated, and have many needs they didn’t expect.


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