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The truth about the sizes of pot bellied pigs

The truth about the sizes of pot bellied pigs

Pot bellied pigs all look tiny and cute when they are wee little piglets but they don't all stay that small. Several sizes of pot bellied pigs have been bred and are now classified by different names, weights, and how tall they are.

There are a few different "kinds" of pot bellied pigs and they are classified by their size. Breeders disagree on names for sizes, appropriate weight of said sizes, and whether or not you can achieve a healthy "teacup" or "mini" pig. The height of different kinds of pigs also plays a role in determining what classification they are assigned to.

The kinds of pot bellied pigs below may be called different things depending on the breeder, rescue, or organization. If you are purchasing anything other than the regular pot bellied pig, be sure the pigs are not just malnourished or underfed to achieve a desired weight and size. Some breeders will breed young pigs who aren't full grown to make it look like their "adult" parents are small since pot bellied pigs don't fully mature until they are 2-3 years of age.

Most pot bellied pig experts say there is no healthy way to have a pig smaller than 50 lbs. and if you do have a small pig their lifespan will be greatly reduced to only a few years since their health has been compromised in the breeding process. Needless to say, there is much debate in the pig world on this topic.

The following pot bellied pig classifications exist:

  • Pot bellied pigs, Pot belly pigs, Vietnamese pot bellied pigs, Chinese pot bellied pigs - about 125 lbs. to over 200 lbs./16 to 26 " tall;
  • Miniature pot bellied pigs (certain breeders) - 35 to 60 lbs./15 to 16" tall;
  • Teacup pot bellied pigs - 35 to 45 lbs./14.5" tall;
  • Toy pot bellied pigs - 35 to 40 lbs./14" tall;
  • Royal Dandies - about 29 to 39 lbs.;
  • Micro Mini Pigs - 18 to 30 lbs./10 to 12.5" tall;
  • Dandie Extremes - about 12 to 29 lbs.;
  • Mini Julianas - 15 to 28 lbs./8 to 12.5" tall.

Other names for different sizes of pigs also exist but these are the most commonly seen varieties.

The "original" pot bellied pig was popular throughout Asia before making it's way to other countries but it was never as small as many of the pigs that are kept in households today. The blood lines are much smaller in the United States then they are in many other parts of the world but they all came from the same place.

The size of your pot bellied pig isn't directly related to how much love they have to give. Pigs of all sizes can make wonderful pets.

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