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Choosing a pet geckoRead more

Choosing a pet gecko

There are about 1500 different species of geckos, lizards in the suborder gekkota. They are fascinating reptiles that are able to climb, even smooth surfaces, like glass and walk on ceilings, because of adhesive pads on their toes. These have been the subject of much scientific study, each pad is covered in thousands of hairs, known as setae, each of which is subdivided into hundreds of spatulae, which are 0.2 micrometer long. It is thought that the incredibly strong adhesive forces of the gecko's foot is produced by Van der Waals forces between the spatulae and the surface.

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Your pet tortoise's brumationRead more

Your pet tortoise's brumation

Tortoises are not native to the UK, and have very specific environmental needs to keep them healthy. As the great British weather is not suitable for tortoises to live outside all year round, you need to provide them with the right temperature and humidity for them to thrive. Sadlyone of the main causes of health problems and death in pet tortoises is inadequate hibernation.

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Do chameleons make good pets?Read more

Do chameleons make good pets?

The word, “Chameleon” comes from the Greek words, “chamai” and “leon”, meaning “earth lion”, and they come from the lizard family. Chameleons come in all shapes and sizes, with great variation. Their lengths can range from a mere one inch (2.5 cm) to thirty inches (76 cm) long.

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5 myths about pet turtlesRead more

5 myths about pet turtles

We are going over a handful of incorrect ideas about turtles as pets.

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Choosing a small pet snakeRead more

Choosing a small pet snake

What are the smallest pet snakes? Most people imagine enormous constrictor snakes when they think of a pet snake. While it’s true that enormous snakes do make fulfilling pets, due to their large size, they are quite care intensive and require a large environment to call home.

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The best reptile pets for kidsRead more

The best reptile pets for kids

So, your son or daughter has asked to keep a reptile for a pet, but you're not sure how to respond. After all, you don't have a lot of experience (if any) keeping reptiles. But you don't want to shut them down completely, without even considering it. So what do you do? Where do you go for insight on this subject?

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10 celebrities and their exotic petsRead more

10 celebrities and their exotic pets

Long gone are the days when human being was content with the dog, cat or horse that he owned as pets. These days, the ever-growing trend is to own the rarest, enviable and the most exotic pets. Like Justin Bieber’s snake named Johnson Usher’s recently owned puppy which is an Adorable $12,000 Goldendoodle, and Miley Cyrus newly owned pint-sized pooch named Rosie, the celebrities has it all. Here are the list of 15 celebrities and their exotic pets.

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How to find out the age of your turtleRead more

How to find out the age of your turtle

Turtles and tortoises are among the longest living animals in the world, much less in the reptile kingdom. A decision to own one as a pet could very well include a lengthy commitment, perhaps even as far as making allowances for your reptile friend’s care in your will. While turtle ownership will probably not need the help of your attorney, it’s bound to be a pet you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Taming a tokay geckoRead more

Taming a tokay gecko

The fierce reputation of the "Pit Bull" of lizards is well earned. They will not hesitate to bite the hand that feeds them, often grabbing on and refusing to let go despite all of your best efforts. Tokay's however are quite readily tamed to the point of being able to handle them free of gloves. It just takes patience and time.

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Interesting facts about lizardsRead more

Interesting facts about lizards

With so many different lizards in the world, we are just beginning to understand them. Here are a few facts about these fascinating animals that will amaze and delight your friends (and may even prove useful during game shows).

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