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The behaviour of turtles and tortoisesRead more

The behaviour of turtles and tortoises

An unhappy turtle is a lazy turtle. Like a reclusive child, an unhappy turtle will withdraw into its shell, physically and emotionally. He will remain quietly unobtrusive for minutes or even hours. When he does finally emerge, it is often only to try to escape. But if given ample space and naturalistic conditions, turtles and tortoises can be very active and entertaining and seem to feel quite at home.

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A new pet snake: adaptation processRead more

A new pet snake: adaptation process

If you're like most people when you get a new pet of any kind the first thing you want to do is spend time showing it to anyone and everyone who you might meet. While this is certainly tempting it is one of the worst things you can do with a new pet snake. They need a period of adjustment during which they can get comfortable with their new surroundings. The length of time required varies, but most people who deal with snakes agree that it generally takes 5 to 7 days.

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UV light: a savior for reptilesRead more

UV light: a savior for reptiles

The life of a reptile looks like easy street – besides mating and eating, much of the time is spent sunbathing. But for many reptiles, basking in the sun is essential to their health. It provides warmth, stimulates their appetite and encourages growth. Even reptiles kept in captivity need the sun's rays to maintain proper health.

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Do you have enough time for a pet reptile?Read more

Do you have enough time for a pet reptile?

You may think of reptiles as sluggish creatures that require little care but this is not true. Whether you chose to own a snake, a lizard or a frog, several things need to be considered. Reptiles need proper housing and appropriate healthy food. They also require your time; although reptiles don't need to be walked several times a day, they still need proper care and this takes time.

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How to choose the right substrate for your pet reptileRead more

How to choose the right substrate for your pet reptile

There are many options in substrates for your amphibian or reptile’s terrarium, but which is the best option? When choosing a substrate for your terrarium, it is important to keep it as close to your pet’s natural environment as possible. A natural terrarium will reduce stress and keep your pet in good health. No single type of substrate will work for all pets and it is important to research your specific pet and make the best choice for them.

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5 species of turtles and tortoises you shouldn't keep as petsRead more

5 species of turtles and tortoises you shouldn't keep as pets

So as not to alienate the many hardcore, dedicated turtle keepers among my readers, I’ll start off by qualifying the title. I know people who do quite well with 4 of the 5 species discussed in this article. But in addition to being very well-experienced, these folks have both the financial means and space to meet the challenges posed by these unique creatures. People who, for example, keep 2,000+ individual turtles in good health and can devote entire floors of commercial warehouses or 80 privately-owned ponds to their hobby (or “obsession”, as some may say!). Of course, the turtles covered here can be kept by those of more modest means, but they are, in general, not suitable for most private collections.

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Incubating reptiles' eggs at homeRead more

Incubating reptiles' eggs at home

Most reptiles can hardly be considered doting, caring mothers. In the wild, most reptiles either deposit their eggs or bear their young and then take off, leaving the infants to fend for themselves.

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6 stages of lizard tamingRead more

6 stages of lizard taming

Ok, here's the deal. 99% of the population has no clue how to tame a reptile. I can almost guarantee you, whatever you think you know, is dead wrong. Maybe that sounds harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts. If you are willing to accept that what you've done in the past is wrong, and would like to learn the truth about how to tame a lizard, then read on.

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Dwarf caiman: your perfect croc petRead more

Dwarf caiman: your perfect croc pet

Crocodiles are always perceived to be large, terrifying and extremely powerful. Those who have read about the saltwater crocodile and have seen movies like Lake Placid would always wonder if there are any crocodiles out there that are not so terrifying. Well, quite contrary to the perception about crocodiles, there are many small crocodilians that do not terrify people as much as the larger species There are several species of crocodilians that are relatively harmless or less threatening, and are even kept as pets!

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How to handle your pet snake correctlyRead more

How to handle your pet snake correctly

How snakes are handled will depend upon the kind of snake and its individual temperament. Some snakes can be lifted by hand from the outset with no display of temper at all. Some may be irascible when first encountered but will quiet as they become used to routines. Others may bite persistently and be so unpleasant that they must be moved with a snakehook or a clampstick.

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