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Will a rabbit make a good pet just for you?Read more

Will a rabbit make a good pet just for you?

Rabbits are a big commitment. Ask yourself the following questions to see if rabbits are the right animals for you and your household. Who are the rabbits for? Rabbits are not suitable for young children, and even if older children look after them, remember you will be responsible for ensuring they are cared for properly every day. Have you thought about the future? Rabbits are a long-term commitment and can live for 8–12 years. If you're getting rabbits for older children, have you thought about what will happen when they leave home?

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12 fun pet factsRead more

12 fun pet facts

We love to learn quirky things about our pets. It’s been a good day when we get home and start a sentence with: did you know…? Here at Preloved with have gathered 13 interesting facts about our furry friends.

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Kinkajous: exotic and interesting petsRead more

Kinkajous: exotic and interesting pets

These kinkajous, more commonly known as nightwalkers or honeybears, are also known by the scientific name of Poto Flavus, have several subspecies, many of which are docile and kept as pets. Now, having said that these are kept as pets does not mean that all of us can afford them. Kinkajous are extremely expensive and being exotic, are also rare. They live up to 25 years in the wild but according to recent reports, one of them staying in the Honolulu zoo is a little more than 40 years old.

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How to care about your cavy in winterRead more

How to care about your cavy in winter

Winter can bring a range of problems to our much loved guinea pigs, these can include health problems such as skin and respiratory conditions. Behaviour can also be affected greatly so it is important to be fully set for guinea piggy winter care.

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Rabbits have personalitiesRead more

Rabbits have personalities

What would your ideal pet be like? One that you can hold and cuddle all the time, one that won’t poop outside it’s litter box and won’t cause too much destruction around the house? Well, you’re obviously not in the market for a bunny rabbit then.

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Before you buy a ratRead more

Before you buy a rat

Before you buy a rat, consider this: rats need a fair amount of care and socialization to be great pets. Do you have enough time to devote to your furry friend?

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How to train a squirrelRead more

How to train a squirrel

It is usually against the law to adopt wild squirrels as pets, but squirrel enthusiasts can legally purchase squirrels -- in some U.S. states -- from exotic pet stores. Eastern gray squirrels are the most common pet variety, because they are highly intelligent and plentiful throughout the eastern region of North America. They can learn to interact peaceably with humans through repeated exposure. Gray squirrels are easy to recognize by their curly gray fur and long, white tail-hairs. Because they are highly food-motivated, gray squirrels are good candidates for training.

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Hamster show standardsRead more

Hamster show standards

Want to show your hamster at the next hamster show? Find out what the judges will be looking for in your hamster. How exactly are the hamsters at a hamster show evaluated and what does it take to be an award-winning hamster? It’s no mystery actually, and the key is in the standards.

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9 sounds made by rabbitsRead more

9 sounds made by rabbits

Rabbits have long been considered “the quiet pet.” And it’s true that they aren't known for bothering the neighbors. For the most part rabbits communicate with people through their body language. Activities such as running, leaping, and flopping over onto their sides all point to a bunny doing the happy dance, for example. However, there's a whole list of sounds that you may not have realized rabbits can make because many of them are made at a very low level.

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Bathing your pet hedgehogRead more

Bathing your pet hedgehog

Having a Hedgehog is amazing, they're really lovely creatures and with many personalities and characteristics unique of this exotic pet, but one thing is really important when we're talking about hedgehogs: "The bath time". While most of the other pets require a weekly bath, hedgehogs require one bath every three or four months, this is because they are really clean pets, they tend to be just like the cats, cleaning themselves from time to time making this task easier, but sooner or later even these hedgehogs require a good bath.

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