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Making friends with your pet mouseRead more

Making friends with your pet mouse

Mice make great pets. They're easy to care for, intelligent, friendly, and amusing to watch. However, many new mouse owners take their pets home and quickly get disappointed or frustrated because they can't get the mouse to come out of their cage. In the wild, mice act as food for many predators. Contrary to what "The Tale of Desperaux" lets you believe, all the brave and courageous mice ended up as owl food long before they could pass on their genes.

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A pet sloth: is that possible?Read more

A pet sloth: is that possible?

You probably “Aww”-ed at them when you saw them at the zoo, or loved forwarding images of baby sloths clinging on to their mother to your gang of girls. Cute, cuddly, totally lazy and completely lovable: if you’ve always known in your heart that a sloth was your ideal pet, here’s your chance to get to know more about them! Seriously, though, we wouldn’t want you to have the kind of emotional meltdown Kristen Bell had when she discovered she was now the proud owner of a sloth! So here’s the long and short of caring for your pet sloth.

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Looking for an escaped petRead more

Looking for an escaped pet

Some exotic pets are pretty good escape artists, and are also good at avoiding capture. Here is a game plan to help you find a lost pet in your house.

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Taking care of senior gerbilsRead more

Taking care of senior gerbils

As your gerbils get older, they may have some special needs related to aging. Gerbils usually live to be about three years old. Some gerbils don't make it that long, while others live to be around 4 years old. You can expect, though, that you will have about three years with your pet gerbil.

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Efficient cleaning of your rabbit's cageRead more

Efficient cleaning of your rabbit's cage

Cleaning cages is not a fun chore for any pet, but making cleaning as easy as possible and sticking to a schedule will make cage cleaning less of a chore and simply part of your routine. There are no set rules for how often to clean, but doing a bit of cleaning every day will help keep your rabbit's cage clean and your rabbit healthy and happy. As a general rule, plan on doing a thorough cleaning of your rabbit's cage at least once a week. However, your rabbit's cage may need a thorough cleaning more often depending on the size of the cage and how well your rabbit is litter trained. If you have more than one rabbit, you may also find you need to clean a bit more often.

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Grooming your pet hedgehogRead more

Grooming your pet hedgehog

To pick up your hedgehog gently scoop him up from the belly. You should feel fur and avoid the quills. Once you have picked him up, you can have him in one hand while you other hand protects and supports from his back. Remain calm and allow give him time to relax. If he rolls up into a ball, be patient. He should calm down if agitated and begin to sniff and even try to explore you.

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8 hairless petsRead more

8 hairless pets

We as a people love little fluffy things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a puppy, a kitten, a hamster, or a wee baby lamb, fluff is in. However every once in a while a freak is born, a creature who was supposed to be cute and fluffy but somehow ends up bald. All mammals have the capability of having offspring with these spontaneous hairless genes and in some cases it's useful. Most people would cringe to see some of these creatures as we’re only used to seeing hairlessness in fluffy creatures when they have mange or some other disease. That being said some of us are attracted to them, we seek them out as pets and breed them purposely. Below are some of the crazy hairless animals found within a domestic setting.

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Understanding your gerbilRead more

Understanding your gerbil

Gerbils may not be very vocal, but they have other interesting ways of communicating with each other. They recognize each other's scents and can pass along a warning by beating their back legs against the ground. If you spend time with your gerbils, you will come to recognize these and other common gerbil behaviors. Here's a list of some of the goings-on you might witness in your gerbil cage.

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Bathing your pet hamsterRead more

Bathing your pet hamster

We all know that a stinky pooch will occasionally require a bath—particularly after running around a muddy lawn—but what about our other, smaller pets? While they don’t get as dirty, your adorable hamster can get a bit unkempt from time to time, and his grooming needs require a slightly different routine than you’d expect. Find out details about if you should bathe your hamster and how to go about doing it (without any water required!), below.

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Taking care of a pet chipmunkRead more

Taking care of a pet chipmunk

Chipmunk is a cute sciuridae family member that becomes a lovely pet. Rodent chipmunk is a type of squirrel commonly found in North America. This breed may become a long time companion under proper care. Chipmunks are gentle in nature and their striped bodies make them more appealing.

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